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Could popcorn be the perfect post workout snack?

Monday, 4 May 2015 18:31:51 Europe/London

Could popcorn be the perfect post workout snack?

Fitness programmes and diets tend to evolve along with our ever-expanding knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. As our understanding and definition moves on, so too do our guidelines and oh how things have changed. It might surprise you to learn that there once was a time when we believed vibrating belts could jiggle the fat away and chocolate had the ability to suppress our appetites (diet conscious mothers in the 60s and 70s even kept boxes of chocolates in their fridge in a bid to help them fend off the extra pounds).

Sadly, especially for the chocolate lovers out there, being in shape looks a hell of a lot different today. Gone are the stick thin model goals and in its place lies the desire to be the next fitness model. Fit, as they now say, is the new thin and as any health conscious person knows it’s all about working the core and incorporating a cross section of classes including weights, yoga and even spinning. Whilst they’re doing this, they’re keeping track of their progress on the latest smartphone app.

If none of these methods are familiar to you, please don’t throw the towel in just yet. For the technophobes out there, the best advice you can take is to keep it simple and take it back to basics. Go for a walk or run three to five times a week and most importantly, learn about nutrition and exactly what your body needs. Even the most advanced athletes out there realise that over half the battle when it comes to achieving their goals revolves around feeding the body properly and giving it exactly what it needs. Nobody in their right mind would want to undo a great workout so it’s best to look for fitness friendly foods that are naturally low in fat and super healthy.

Popcorn happens to be the perfect post-workout snack of choice

Now whilst the majority of fitness friendly foods may seem a little dull (lettuce, apples and carrot sticks spring to mind) there is one snack out there that’s not only super healthy but incredibly tasty too and that’s popcorn. Popcorn, surprisingly enough, happens to be the perfect post-workout snack of choice. This means the very next time you walk out of the gym or begin craving a crunchy, guilt free and ultimately tasty snack, we suggest you get popping. This is because not only is popcorn a whole grain offering an incredible amount of fibre but it also packs even more cancer and heart disease fighting antioxidants than the vast majority of fruits and vegetables. 

A number of studies into the wonder that is popcorn has found that the mighty wholegrain is composed of a mere 4% water and has a much higher concentration of antioxidant substances, known as polyphenols, than most vegetables which are roughly 90% water. The hulls of popcorn are where the magic happens and are often referred to as nutritional gold nuggets. That’s not all though, as our favourite snack also happens to have a number of other health benefits too. Did you know that just one serving would provide you with more than 70% of your daily intake of whole grains?

Considering that most people on average only ever receive around half of the recommended serving of whole grains a day, this is actually a really great find. Popcorn could indeed fill that gap in an extremely tasty way. The fact that it’s full of fibre could also help to keep heart disease and diabetes at bay whilst aiding in weight loss attempts.

Now if it’s specifically a post workout or fitness friendly snack you want then you are of course going to have to make some compromises. This means that chocolate covered popcorn would of course be a no no but that doesn’t mean you have to eat dull and boring food. On the contrary actually as here at Empire we can offer a multitude of flavours that will remain within the ‘healthy snack’ category and offer a serious taste explosion at the same time.

Whilst we all love butter popcorn, it might be best to save this one for treat nights. For regular snacking however we have a wide range of gourmet flavours that are guaranteed to keep you excited for your next snack for years and years to come. For those wanting something a little traditional then might we suggest our super crunchy sea salt popcorn? This crunchy and freshly made popcorn is made even healthier thanks to our use of healthier sea salt. It also means a much better flavour too. If salted popcorn isn’t your thing or perhaps you’re just looking for something a little different then fear not. Here at Empire we’ve got some rather exciting and some might say, different flavours for you to try. Could we interest you in the delicate flavours of banana perhaps? Or maybe hot cinnamon? For cocktail lovers we’ve even got an exciting Pina Colada flavour too meaning you could enjoy a healthy post workout snack with a hint of the exotic.

We all know a little spice is said to help give the metabolism a great boost which makes our Hot Madras, Spicy Thai and Sweet and Spicy Jamaican flavours an absolute must try. With delicate hints of spice and aromas of India, Thailand and Jamaica, you’ll find yourself swept away from the post workout haze dreaming of far away lands. What better way is there to finish a workout?

A flavour for every mood

Monday, 27 April 2015 14:12:41 Europe/London


Did you know that here at Empire Popcorn we have a flavour of popcorn for absolutely every single scenario that you could imagine. With our gourmet flavours ranging from sweet and spicy to downright fruity, we know that no matter what sort of gathering you’re going to be hosting, one mouthful of the right taste sensation could quite literally turn your party from average to absolutely amazing.

To help you decide just what you should be looking at, we’ve pieced together some of the best flavour/scenario combinations. Depending on what you’re doing, whom you’re doing it with and how you’re feeling at the time, you could be chowing down on something fruity or something extra spicy.

Girls night in

We all know a girls night in can be filled with raucous behaviour discussing the latest hot guy and the very latest fashions with excitement levels pretty much racing off the scales. There are of course the essentials that come with this sort of night in such as wine, a take away and some form of romantic comedy but the snacks are always a little harder to choose.

Whether you venture down the crisps or chocolate route is one question but what flavour popcorn you choose is another entirely. For the perfect night however we suggest picking our Pina Colada flavour popcorn that offers the delicious flavours of your favourite cocktail. This tropical treat is guaranteed to have all the girls grabbing handfuls of the stuff so be sure to order enough.

Boys night in

A boy’s night in is a little different to that of the opposite sex. Whilst guys do tend to gather and discuss similar subjects such as the most current pin up along with the latest fashions, a romantic comedy is most certainly off the table. Instead the romantic comedy is replaced with sports, whilst the wine and cocktails are replaced with beers. The perfect snack therefore must be chosen carefully. The ideal snack needs to be manly and testosterone filled.

It needs to stand up to the challenge of handling a group of loud and boisterous men and we know the perfect snack for the job. Our Hot Madras is the ideal accompaniment to any night with the lads, with its Indian flavouring that’s finished perfectly with a seriously spicy aftertaste.

Young girls party

The vast majority of young girls parties these days, tend to have a running theme; princesses. The scene will often consist of pink frilly dresses, glittery shoes and oh so pretty tiaras. To make the party perfect (as any parent will of course want) the perfect party food is needed.

The chosen snacks have to be not only tasty but a match with the theme too. Candyfloss is the obvious choice as it matches the feminine princess theme with it’s fair ground pink colouring but what else is there? For many parents the subject of sugar arises and it’s true to say that a lot of parents now want to avoid things like chocolate and biscuits simply because of the high sugar content.

Here at Empire however we have the ideal snack of choice to pair perfectly with any little girls dreams for her big day and only the very best ingredients have been used in the making of it too. Introducing our strawberry pink sweet popcorn that not only has a rather mouth watering strawberry flavour that any young girl will find delicious but it also happens to have a pink hue too. This flavour will be the making of any young girls party.

A post workout snack for fitness fanatics

Itt’s quite often thought to be the case that a health and fitness fanatic will be difficult to feed but that’s not necessarily true. It’s just about finding the right food for the right time. More often than not, when you’re meeting up with your fitness fanatic friend, they’ll be looking for the best post workout snack and while even the healthiest will testify that plain popcorn is the best, it doesn’t necessarily excite the taste buds.

Here at Empire however we have a number of healthy gourmet flavours of popcorn that are guaranteed to have your mouth watering in anticipation of the next bite. With their constant efforts when it comes to eating healthy we couldn’t think of a more perfect snack of choice than our banana flavoured popcorn. Not only is it incredibly healthy due to the best quality ingredients being used to make it but it also has a hugely healthy flavour too; what’s healthier than fruit right?

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs are the ideal time to enjoy freshly grilled food in the sun but as is the case with most BBQs, a burger just isn’t enough. The food needs to have a little variety and offer the perfect opportunity to pick at intervals. With crisps being so last year, popcorn is now the most popular snack of choice and what better way to keep everyone happy than to choose a number of different flavours.

From Hot Cinnamon and Bubblegum to Pink Vanilla and Yellow Lemon, here at Empire we have absolutely everything you could possibly wish for. Even the fussiest of eaters would find themselves a favourite flavour. From traditional to savoury, our range of gourmet popcorn flavours is extensive, so take a peek and see if you manage to narrow your choice down to just one.

Just some of the ways you can enjoy our gourmet popcorn

Monday, 20 April 2015 11:35:57 Europe/London

Just some of the ways you can enjoy our gourmet popcorn

At Empire we’ve found popcorn to be one of the most versatile snacks known to man. While the majority of you may think it’s merely a movie time snack, we happen to know that’s not the case so here are just some of our best ways to enjoy our gourmet popcorn outside of the cinema or away from the sofa.

Popcorn for breakfast!

Breakfast popcorn anyone? It might surprise you to know that popcorn was once a hugely popular breakfast food back in Colonial America. Looking back, you could deem it very ahead of its time and a likely role model for the multitude of cereals we see on our supermarket shelves today. Long before the onset of Kelloggs, people enjoyed their popcorn ground up with milk or cream. Although in-between-meal snacking was discouraged, popcorn was most certainly still considered an important food as a meal in itself. Popcorn was whole grain and therefore praised as being easily digested and very wholesome as it presented the grain in its entirety.

It was therefore considered far superior to a number of other breakfast foods at the time. Colonists weren’t the only ones that enjoyed a popcorn breakfast either. The Iroquois, also known as theHaudenosaunee, also used popcorn as a breakfast food however they enjoyed theirs hot by pounding the popcorn in water until it thickened and then added milk, cream and in some cases sugar and syrup. If they were on the move then the early Native Americans would pound the popcorn into a powdery meal and mix with water at a later date before eating. This was their meal on the run.

Today however, popcorn needn’t be ground in order to make a fantastic breakfast meal. Popcorn for breakfast is fun and easy to prepare and what’s more, it’s naturally low in calories. Air popped, it only has around 31 calories per cup and like any other cereal, it works well with all manner of toppings too. Throw your popcorn in a bowl and simply add milk, then it’s up to you what you add. We suggest adding a teaspoon or two of sugar or even cinnamon sugar along with a few stir ins such as dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit or even a few tropical touches such as coconut flakes or dried pineapple pieces. Just mix and match until you’ve found your perfect combination.

Now for something completely different entirely, perhaps it’s your daughter’s birthday party this weekend and she’s asked you for something extra exciting to eat on the day. You want the party to be fun but at the same time you want to ensure she isn’t eating too badly. The perfect way to compromise is by creating a clever twist on two of her favourite foods, pizza and popcorn.

Ask yourself this, what could a child love more than pizza and popcorn? A popcorn pizza of course. This delicious recipe with Italian hints will satisfy the sweet tooth as well as your need to give her something healthy and wholesome because don’t forget, popcorn is indeed a wholegrain that offers carbohydrates and fibre for growing bodies. If you really want to be extra healthy then you could even used dried fruit instead of sweets as decorations or “toppings”. 

It’s so easy to make too; all you’ll need are 3 tablespoons of butter, a bag of mini marshmallows, 2 quarts of popped popcorn and 1 tube of red icing. You’ll also need 1 packet of red raspberry fruit roll up and then sweets to decorate. We recommend things like green jellybeans or candy-coated chocolate. Spray a 12-inch pizza pan with some cooking spray and then set it aside. Heat the butter in a large saucepan and stir in the marshmallows; keep it at a medium heat for this. When the marshmallows are melted, stir in the popcorn until it’s completely coated. Spread the mixture you’ve made evenly over the pizza pan you prepared earlier and then drizzle the red piping icing over as the pizza sauce. Using your fruit roll up, create your slices of pepperoni and decorate the rest as desired. Make sure it’s cooled completely before you cut it into pizza slices and serve. This should make around 8 slices. 

The Les Misérable film that recently hit our cinema screens reminded us just why we love France. There is of course the magical and mythical Paris that we know only too well as the city of love. Our affection for France runs far deeper than its loving city however, especially with their countless offerings when it comes to art, history, fashion and of course food. Haute cuisine in France is known for its meats and stews while nouvelle cuisine is a lot healthier and more vibrant. If you’re looking for a quick taste of France then we suggest trying this simple yet delicious recipe for Lavender Provencal Popcorn.

All you’ll need are 2 quarts of popped popcorn, 1 tablespoon of soft butter, 2 teaspoons of Herbs de Provence with lavender, ½ teaspoon of minced garlic and ½ teaspoon of salt. Place the popcorn in a large bowl and slowly drizzle the melted butter over it giving the popcorn a good toss to make sure it’s well covered. Then all that’s left is to sprinkle the herbs, garlic and salt and toss again before serving. 

Have you got any ideas of how else to enjoy popcorn? If so, send them in and show us just how you like to eat yours.

What is your flavour

Monday, 13 April 2015 15:38:33 Europe/London

What is your flavour

Here at Empire Popcorn Company, we offer a wide selection of gourmet flavoured popcorns as well as some rather delicious varieties of Candyfloss.

With our popcorn flavour selection growing ever wider by the day we thought we’d do something a little different and look at what our choice of popcorn flavour says about us and our personalities, as well as our links with our better halves. If you’re heading out on a first date then we advise you forget dinner and drinks and head straight for the popcorn to see if they’re the one for you. 

A recent study led by a man named Alan Hirsch, a psychiatrist and founder of the Smell and Taste Institute located in Chicago discovered the best indicator of two peoples compatibility as partners actually lay within their favourite flavours. Although his study surrounded ice cream, we can still see rather strong links when it comes to our popcorn.

According to his research, just as people with different star signs were meant to be better suited than some, couples with different favourite flavours could make better romantic matches. His findings were very interesting indeed considering the vast majority would expect a vanilla fan to be better suited to another vanilla fan; this however couldn’t be further from the truth. 

So what does your favourite flavour say about you and your best match? 


Many people rather unfairly typecast this flavour as boring but vanilla lovers are anything but. Those who flavoured the vanilla choice were actually found to be rather colourful and dramatic risk takers. These types relied more on intuition than they did logic and were found to be emotionally expressive.

They were happy to demonstrate public displays of affection too. Lovers of vanilla were found to do best with friends that balanced them out as they were quite idealistic and often set super high goals. When they didn’t reach their goals they were crushed. Those who chose vanilla also relied on a secure and romantic relationship in order to redirect their energy toward more realistic and attainable goals. The best flavour mate for those who love their vanilla are those with a love of strawberry.

For the vanilla lovers, here at Empire we have some delicious Vanilla Pink Sweet flavoured popcorn. 


These guys are logical, thoughtful and very intuitive. The study found fans of this sweet and fruity flavour would carefully weigh all options before jumping in to make a final decision. Those who defined strawberry as their favourite flavour would also quite quiet in their strategic planning and weren’t the type to instantly shoot from the hip.

Strawberry lovers were found to quite shy and reserved, wanting to get to know a perspective partner very well indeed before making any sort of relationship commitment. Although strawberry fans didn’t fall head over heels in love at the very first sight, they did provide an extremely loyal, loving and supportive companion once they did commit. It’s easy to see from this why they would be extremely compatible with the dreamers of the flavour world, the vanilla lovers.

For strawberry lovers we have a delicious Strawberry Pink flavoured popcorn that’s hugely popular, especially with its stunning pink hue. If you like strawberry you might even like to try our Cherry Red flavoured sweet popcorn too. 

Hot and Spicy

The lovers of hot and spicy flavours were found to be the more outgoing of the group. Yes vanillas were nowhere near as ‘vanilla’ as we first thought but for the real excitement it would seem the lovers of hot and spicy flavours were the ones to turn to. The fact that they sought such sensation taste explosions and intense experiences also translated into their lives with many being typical thrill seekers.

The trait has been defined as seeking out intense stimulation and makes these guys a real ball of energy to be around. Spontaneous and erratic are possibly the best ways to describe them. Hot and Spicy lovers are thought to compliment a Strawberry fan as they balance each other’s extreme personality traits.

For the lovers of Hot and Spicy flavours we have our ever-popular Hot Madras that guarantees to leave your tongue tingling and your mouth in awe of the Indian after flavours. We also have Spicy Thai with authentic Thai flavours and Sweet and Spicy Jamaican; the choice is yours. 


a fan of chives is generally a professional. They’re usually quite confident, self assured and rather direct. These guys know exactly what they want in life and they do their utmost to go out and get it. They tend to have a no-nonsense attitude that can make them a little difficult to get along with unless you know them a little better. Socially, they’re popular and well loved once the Vanilla and Strawberry lovers have worked them out.

Paired with a Hot and Spicy fan guarantees a night of carnage. In the workplace however and a chive fan is an absolute rock star. Promotion comes easy, as does talking themselves out of situations. Again, Strawberry lovers are great for taming this go-getter but if allowed to pair with a Hot and Spicy fan, amazing things can happen.

For the fans of chives we have a delicious Sour Cream and Chives flavour popcorn that offers the perfect alternative to using crisps and dip when this headhunted individual is on the go.

This list is merely meant as a fun example of some generalised traits we see from day to day. Here at Empire, our list of gourmet flavours seems to be expanding by the minute and whilst you may find yourself leaning toward a particular one each time, we can’t stress enough the importance of trying now flavours.

You may love chives or strawberries for that matter but then again you may also love our new and seemingly popular Pina-Colada flavoured popcorn. Open your horizons and don’t let your previous choices and experiences define you. Experiment and find a new flavour to really get you excited. 

The most mouth-watering popcorn facts

Monday, 6 April 2015 17:50:47 Europe/London

The most mouth-watering popcorn facts

It’s no secret that here at Empire, popcorn is indeed our favourite snack. We love its texture as well as all the amazing flavours that we’ve created over the years but that’s not all we love.

We also happen to be huge fans of the weird and wonderful facts that surround the delicious snack. For instance, did you know there’s actually an official popcorn day? Did you also know that a popping kernel could jump around three foot in to the air?

Well prepare to be amazed as we list some of the best and most mouth-watering facts about our favourite whole grain snack that is popcorn. 

  1. America it would seem is popcorn’s biggest fan with the population eating around 17 billion quarts of popcorn every single year. That’s enough to fill the whole of the Empire State Building and if that’s not enough, Nebraska alone is estimated to have produced around 250 million pounds of the white fluffy stuff every single year. No wonder America has had its very own popcorn day every year since 1958.
  2. Whether it’s type 1 or type 2 diabetes you suffer from, popcorn is considered to be one of the healthiest snacks for you to eat. It’s also been known to provide a great exchange for bread for those who have been placed on weight control diets…although we’re not sure we’d recommend making a sandwich out of it.
  3. Did you know that popcorn actually comes in two different shapes? Unless you’re paying attention it may have gone under the radar but next time you grab a handful, take a peek. Popcorn can actually be divided into snowflake popcorn and mushroom popcorn. Simply because the snowflake shaped popcorn is bigger, cinemas tend to sell it more as it fills their buckets up quicker.
  4. Sadly for the ladies, unpopped kernels are known as spinsters and old maids. It’s also considered that real good quality popcorn should produce a maximum of just 2% spinsters when it’s popped with the rest being light and fluffy snowflake or mushroom popcorn.
  5. Popcorn is so amazing for the simple fact it’s such an individual grain. There are indeed a few other grains out there that can pop such as flint and dent corns but their flakes are much smaller and the pop far less powerful. What makes popcorn so special is the fact that the kernel contains such a small amount of water, which will turn to steam when heated. It also happens to be the only grain that possesses a non-permeable shell allowing pressure to build, thus creating that all-important explosion or ‘pop’ we know.
  6. During WWII and the Great Depression, a great number of businesses failed or in the very least suffered. The same couldn’t be said for the popcorn business however, which boomed. During these two rather difficult times, popcorn thrived for two simple reasons. During the Great Depression popcorn was sold at 5 and 10 cents a bag making it one of the very few luxuries that was still affordable when times were tight which made its popularity grow an incredible amount. It also made for a more affordable and somewhat life saving food for the super poor families. During WWII, sweets weren’t exactly plentiful and this meant people eating three times as much popcorn as was considered the norm. Popcorn took the place of a number of so-called favourite snacks and it would seem it never looked back either.
  7. The only time popcorn sales ever decreased was when the television was invented and became a popular piece of furniture in the home. This meant fewer people were visiting the theatres and far less using the popcorn stands found dotted up and down the streets. This all changed however when popcorn became much more available for home use. Around 90% of the sales for home consumption were and still are made up of unpopped kernels, as it would seem people enjoy the fun and excitement of popping their own and creating their own flavours too.
  8. The original story invented by the American Indians for popcorn popping was by far the most imaginative. They believed that spirits lived within the popcorn kernels. As peaceful as these spirits were, they soon became angry when the kernels were heated. They got so angry in fact that their houses (otherwise known as the kernel) would start to shake in a temper eventually exploding when it got too hot. The spirits would then break out in an angry fit of steam.
  9. Records have been broken with popcorn on numerous occasions with the most memorable being the biggest popcorn ball in the world. With a diameter of 12 feet and a mighty weight of 5000lbs, it was most certainly a big boy. It required around 2000lbs of corn, a whopping 40,000lbs of sugar as well as 280 gallons of syrup and 400 gallons of water. We wonder how many people it took to eat it up?
  10. It’s even super healthy too. Did you know that popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain known to man and it even has more iron in it than eggs or roast beef. It’s also a great source of fibre so you never need to feel guilty whenever you indulge. It’s for the good of your own health after all. 


If you’d like to try some of our delicious gourmet flavoured popcorn or perhaps you’d like to have a go at popping your own, then just take a peek at what we have available on our website.

We’re the UK’s best popcorn and confectionary company by far and can have our quality snacks delivered straight to your door so what are you waiting for? Join in the popcorn phenomenon today and while you’re at it, why not try our sensational Candyfloss?

Could popcorn be a healthy snack choice during pregnancy?

Monday, 30 March 2015 13:26:00 Europe/London

Could popcorn be a healthy snack choice during pregnancy?

When a woman falls pregnant, whether it’s her first or last child that she’s about to carry the emphasis automatically goes on her health. A healthy body as they say equals a healthy and happy baby and of course, numerous health professionals will be quick to point out just what she should and shouldn’t be eating. What might surprise you is one of the exceedingly healthy snacks that women are now encouraged to eat during pregnancy.

There are a number of foods to stay away from during pregnancy

While a host of foods are now struck from the list, including soft cheeses, rare red meats, shellfish and soft eggs there are now a number of other foods that are encouraged. Dairy products are something that are hugely encouraged due to the high concentration of calcium. Calcium happens to be one of the key elements within a pregnancy diet especially when the baby begins to need more as its bones form and harden. Within dairy products there are also high amounts of vitamin D as well as protein, making milk and certain hard cheeses vitally important for the development of the newborn and the health of the mother.

During pregnancy women are also encouraged to eat avocados as they offer a wide variety of benefits. Avocados happen to contain a great amount of folic acid that’s beneficial for the proper development of neural tube development and the prevention of spina bifida. The vitamin C within the fruit also stimulates a healthy immune system whilst the vitamin B can help ward off morning sickness as well as improve tissue development in your unborn child.

Sea salt is another surprisingly well encouraged food. Most people tend to stay away from salt to improve their health but sea salt happens to have a very important element known as Iodine, that’s required for proper foetal development. As most women are advised to stay away from sushi due to the raw fish, sea salt is the next best thing for providing vital iodine in the diet. 

Popcorn is considered the perfect snack during pregnancy

Despite some women no doubt being surprised with these foods being encouraged during pregnancy, we have one more that’s guaranteed to really shock you and that happens to be popcorn. Yes, you read that right, popcorn is considered the perfect snack during pregnancy and it’s all because of the fact that it’s a pure and simple whole grain. It doesn’t make it on to many lists and for some, will always be known as the ultimate movie snack however popcorn is surprisingly healthy.

Excess amounts of butter and toffee flavouring may hamper its health benefits somewhat however there are numerous flavourings out there that guarantee a seriously tasty and very healthy snack indeed. This is all because popcorn has a significantly high level of fibre as well as vitamin E. it also contains a lot of selenium and more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. With these ingredients, popcorn happens to be a vital food for protecting the development and strength of your unborn child’s cell membranes.

We supply popcorn in numerous flavours to suit your pregnancy

Here at Empire we have a number of flavours to suit your pregnancy needs such as our sea salt and cracked black pepper popcorn. This particular flavour has a real kick to it with its crunchy spicy sea salt and the cracked black pepper savoury flavouring. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this gourmet flavour that tastes sensational and also offers the benefits of sea salt for your unborn child too. If you like a crunch as well as a sumptuous savoury after taste then we think this would be the perfect choice.

Why not try our Hot Madras Popcorn

If it’s something a little different that you’re after then we suggest giving our Hot Madras a try too. The Hot Madras popcorn is ideal for the lovers of heat. If you love your Indian curries on a Saturday night but want to avoid the fats within the curry sauce then give this flavour a whirl. It guarantees to give you all the sumptuous flavours of your favourite curry as well as the health benefits of popcorn. This one is crunchy with a savoury Madras after taste so not only do you get great flavours but you can avoid the higher calorie and fat content that may come with some butter flavours.

Lemon flavour popcorn

If your taste buds have changed somewhat during pregnancy and spice is no longer your thing then why not try our new delicious lemon flavoured popcorn. The citrus flavours will have your mouth watering and your baby enjoying all the whole grain goodness of the popcorn.

Better still if you find yourself struggling to pick a flavour then why not purchase our bags of unpopped kernels. These are ideal for storing at home and popping a cup full as and when you fancy. You can either keep things super healthy by eating completely plain popcorn, allowing yourself and your baby to enjoy the pure and simple benefits of whole grain popcorn or just add your own flavouring. This method is ideal for pregnant women that find their taste buds changing the further along their pregnancy they move. It doesn’t matter if you fancy something sweet, savoury or something completely way out there because it will be solely down to you what you put on it.

Buy freshly made popcorn online direct from Empire Popcorn

Here at Empire, we supply the very best gourmet popcorn and the best quality kernels so grab a bag today and enjoy a delicious treat, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing what’s best for your baby too. 


Our guide to throwing the perfect children’s party

Monday, 23 March 2015 15:48:27 Europe/London

Our guide to throwing the perfect childrens party

Children’s parties have now become so much more elaborate than when we were children ourselves. Many of us hear the odd rumour or two at the school gates about this parent spending hundreds and the next parent spending thousands all in an attempt to throw the best birthday party ever.

It’s so easy for parents to become a little overwhelmed when it comes to the details and trying the throw the perfect party that won’t only please their child but please the competitive parents too. Here, at Empire we want to let you know that a great party doesn’t cost the earth and can be done with relative ease. Shake off those worries and allow us to give you our guide to throwing the perfect children’s party.

Don’t put it off

Many look at it and think it can’t really be that hard. It’ll need a cake and some balloons right? Wrong. If you want a nice easy party then we recommend planning it about five or six weeks in advance maybe even eight if your son or daughter’s school friends have particularly busy social lives. If your child is old enough then getting them involved will be even better. Then it’s simply a case of answering all the questions that will undoubtedly begin to crop up such as… will you make the cake or cook your own? Will you have party favours? How many children will you invite? Keep things simple and easy with a little planning and time.

Pick a great theme

Picking a theme can be tough especially if your child has a mixed bag of friends. Often little girls will want the ultimate princess party but this wont be very fun for the boys in her class to turn up to. Equally a little boy might want a racing car party with lots of boisterous games which you’ll find won’t be very suited to any young girls that turn up. It’s always a good idea to pick a gender-neutral theme that pleases everyone.

This will make things a lot easier for you too when you don’t have a group of bored children sitting on the side lines. One particularly good idea that we see being used over and over again is the fairground theme. This is a rather broad theme too so it can work no matter what size house or garden you have and no matter if you happen to have a particularly boisterous group of children or quiet ones.

Send out invitations early

Once you’ve decided on a day it’s then time to send out invitations. The earlier you can do this the better as it gives people plenty of time to keep the date free and RSVP once they’ve found the invitation in the bottom of their child’s school bag.

It also then gives you a lot of time to organise extra food and drink should the guest list exceed your original expectations. Likewise it allows you to scale things down accordingly without causing any embarrassment to your child with an empty party.

Don’t cater for the parents

Quite often, mums and dads will appear to forget that it’s a children’s party by catering to the adults first and foremost in terms of food and time. Remember this is for the children, not the adults so pick a time that’s suitable for the children when they’ll be most rested and ready to enjoy the fun and games.

Keep the party to a few hours maximum as this provides more than enough time for even the shyest of children to become acclimatised and come out of the shell to enjoy themselves. It’s also important that you keep the food simple such as pizza and our rather popular range of popcorn and candyfloss.

Make it look authentic

It doesn’t take a huge amount of money to transform your home into a different world. The fair ground theme for example merely requires a few balloons, a few streamers and some exciting snacks from us here at Empire. If you want to go that one step further however then why not indulge your child with a few authentic cups and candyfloss cones that will make them feel like they’re at a real fairground.

Serving the popcorn up in our famous Empire popcorn cups will offer the children a little excitement and save a lot of time on the washing up too. Likewise the candyfloss cones and candyfloss bags provide something different and unusual for minimal cost. It also means that children will be able to take some candyfloss home with them to enjoy.

Make things easy and choose flavoured popcorn

If you don’t intend on popping the popcorn yourself with your own popcorn maker and want to make things as easy as possible then why not buy our party sized bags of freshly made popcorn? It makes the price of the popcorn super cheap and offers an instant snack as the children walk through the door. There’s no preparation needed and you won’t even need to take the time to go out and buy it because we’ll deliver it straight to your door.

If you’d like to throw your child the best birthday party ever with minimal fuss and effort then here at Empire is where you need to start. Our delicious flavoured gourmet popcorn and candyfloss is sure to be a huge hit with the kids and big kids alike. It’ll also mean a party that doesn’t cost the earth too. For more information on our fabulous flavours simply click here. 


Can diabetics enjoy our popcorn?

Monday, 16 March 2015 22:02:19 Europe/London

Can diabetics enjoy our popcorn?

Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks across the world to date and for some is just one of life’s little snacking pleasures. It’s now become so heavily associated with the cinema that many can’t even imagine going to see a film without stopping by the popcorn counter for a big old bucket of their favourite flavour.

Whilst the average person doesn’t have to think twice about whether they want to eat popcorn or not there are some out there that need to think about whether or not they can. For people with diabetes, highly salted and buttery versions should indeed be avoided however this doesn’t mean that popcorn should be avoided altogether. Popcorn can actually be safely incorporated into a diabetic diet with the right knowledge and careful consideration.

Significant form of whole grain fibre

Popcorn is indeed an unprocessed and rather significant form of whole grain fibre. In addition to this, a whole serving of popcorn still has a very low glycaemic index compared with the vast majority of other snack foods so as long as it’s consumed in moderation, popcorn can actually make a healthy and tasty addition to the diabetic diet.

A look at the nutritional content of popcorn

When you take a look at the nutritional content of popcorn, like any whole grain source of carbohydrates, air popped unprocessed popcorn happens to be an excellent source particularly for those individuals with diabetes. Most popcorn that’s considered light (no flavouring or additives) contains just eighty to one hundred calories and three whole grams of fibre per serving.

Being made from corn means it’s entirely whole grain and therefore doesn’t impact on the blood sugar levels as dramatically as say a chocolate bar or packet of fruit pastels would. It’s so healthy in fact that one serving of light popcorn has a glycaemic load that’s a whopping two to four times lower than other so called healthy snacks like raisins and crackers.

Popcorn portion size

When it comes to portion size, many associations connected with diabetes consider one diabetic friendly portion of popcorn to equal three cups of popped corn. This is roughly fifteen grams of carbohydrates. Individuals with diabetes can safely consume around fifteen to thirty grams of carbohydrates for snacks so this means that under no circumstances should more than two servings be consumed at any one time.

Some bags of microwave popcorn contain around twenty-one grams of carbohydrates making them ideal portion sizes however the individual ingredients would need to be examined thoroughly before consumption.

Pay close attention to the ingreadiants 

When it comes to choosing the right popcorn, those with diabetes must be mindful of the type of popcorn they’re consuming. This is simply down to the fact that so many versions have added fats, sugars and salts. Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we insist on using only the very best ingredients within our gourmet popcorn however we would still advise you read the ingredients labels carefully so that you ensure there aren’t too many sugars for your individual needs.

The total amount of fat and sugars should of course be limited as much as possible and ideally there should be no trans fats whatsoever on the list of ingredients. Sodium should be kept to a minimum at all times not rising above one hundred and fifty milligrams per serving, as this is ten percent of the recommended daily intake for sodium.

Popcorn flavours and alternatives

When it comes to popcorn and flavours the majority of the population find themselves mindlessly dousing their portion in an unlimited amount of salt and/or butter however this wouldn’t be advised for someone suffering with diabetes. This would not be conducive to the management of diabetes or blood pressure for that matter.

Instead many people with diabetes have found spraying their popcorn with a little butter flavoured spray or olive oil to be rather effective. Some even add a little garlic or onion powder for a savoury flavour without the damaging extra salt. For those who enjoy kettle corn then a sprinkling of powdered and sugar free sweetener can often satisfy cravings of the sweet tooth without the worry of a sugar overload.

Why not pop your own popcorn at home

It is of course possible for people with diabetes to pop into their local supermarket and pick up a one hundred calorie bag of low fat popcorn. This would be perfectly safe and we’re sure very enjoyable however here at Empire we ask, where’s the fun in that? It may also be a case that a diabetic individual would be too concerned about safety when it comes to picking something from the shelf of their local supermarket so instead we suggest popping your own popcorn at home.

Empire Popcorn, the UKs number 1 popcorn supplier

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we supply raw corn in a number of differently sized bags so no matter what sort of appetite you have, we’ll be able to satisfy your cravings. From as little as £1.75 you can have raw corn delivered straight to your door ready to pop until your hearts content; and your stomach for that matter.

Then it’s simply down to flavouring. Whilst some enjoy spritzing on a little buttery spray, olive oil or even garlic powder as we mentioned before, we suggest trying it plain first. We think you’ll be surprised at just how enjoyable popcorn can be completely plain without any added ingredients.

You might also find you enjoy the snack even more knowing that it’s at its lowest glycaemic index possible and utterly safe for you to indulge in. We’re happy to deliver to most areas in and around the UK so jump online and order yourself a bag of raw corn now ready to pop at home and indulge on your next movie night. 

Enjoy the perfect Mother’s Day with Empire Popcorn

Monday, 9 March 2015 13:55:00 Europe/London

Enjoy the perfect Mother’s Day with Empire Popcorn

With March in full swing, it’s safe to say that spring is finally here and we all know that this time of year means only one thing; Mothering Sunday has once again arrived. For some the mere mention fills them with dread at the thought of having to figure out a wonderfully new way of telling them how much they’re loved but for others, such as us here at Empire, we know the perfect way to say thank you on Mother’s Day and it just so happens to be something the whole family can enjoy together.

It’s no secret that our parents love us putting effort into something and even when we’ve reached an age when our own children are taking centre stage, a hand made card is still loved and adored more than one we’ve bought from the shop. Treating mum to a delicious home cooked meal is therefore no doubt one of the most thoughtful things you can do (in her eyes at least) but have you ever thought about making it a little extra special with some home cooked treats?

Here at Empire we not only supply a wide variety of gourmet-flavoured popcorn that’s guaranteed to get your taste buds excited but we also supply unpopped kernels ready for you to pop at home. Some people enjoy popping our high quality kernels and smothering them in our very own flavouring, which can be bought from us at the same time. Others on the other hand also enjoy researching their very own flavours and creating something completely unique at home. Here we have just some of the most exciting popcorn recipes that are ideal for making at home and will most definitely have Mum getting excited for dessert.

For the chocolate loving Mum – this recipe includes popcorn as well as crisps, pretzels and chocolate. This is the ideal recipe for the chocolate loving Mum out there and it couldn’t be easier to make:

1/2 cup of popcorn kernels

1 ½ cups of mini pretzels

2 cups of crisps

16 oz of white chocolate (melted)

3 oz of milk chocolate (melted)

To make this creation you can begin by popping your kernels. Whether you pop them on the stove or in a popcorn maker is entirely up to you. Mix the popcorn with the pretzels and crisps before adding all of the melted white chocolate. Mix it all in together and do your best to avoid eating it all there and then. You may need to use a large spatula to fold the white chocolate and popcorn mix together to ensure an even spread. Once you’re happy everything is mixed in together well, we advise spreading the mix onto two baking trays. Then simply drizzle the melted milk chocolate all over both trays and cover evenly. Place in the fridge for around ten minutes or until the chocolate has hardened and it’s ready to be broken up into chunks and served. For a nicer presentation why not invest in some of our authentic popcorn cups and give Mum a real treat on Mothering Sunday?

For the nectar loving Mums – this recipe is one of the simplest recipes around yet creates a wonderful tasting treat at the end. If your mum loves the sweet taste of honey and you’re feeling pushed for time, then this option is probably the best for you:

½ cup of popcorn kernels

2 tablespoons of honey

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Again, as with our chocolate lovers recipe we advise you pop your popcorn in anyway you see fit. Whether you want to pop in the microwave, on the stove or with one of our machines, it’s entirely up to you. Once you’ve popped your popcorn we do suggest you go through it to ensure all have popped. Any unpopped kernels will be better removed to avoid any unwanted surprises. While it’s still hot we suggest drizzling half the honey over the popcorn. Then simply shake it up or stir and drizzle the rest of the honey. This ensures an even spread of the sweet tasting honey. Once you’ve spread all of it, it’s then time to sprinkle the cinnamon. As you did with the honey, sprinkle half on and then shake. Then sprinkle on the remaining half to ensure a good even spread of the ingredients. With this one we suggest serving immediately as it’s so much tastier when it’s warm. For a real treat, again place in our authentic serving cups and decorate each serving with a stick of cinnamon for that real authentic look.

For Mums that love anything sticky and sweet – this recipe is guaranteed to be a winner with pretty much anyone and is fairly simple too:

½ cup of popcorn kernels

½ cup of butter

1 cup of brown sugar

2 tablespoons of honey

½ tablespoon of vanilla

12 large marshmallows

Once you’ve popped your popcorn, using whichever method you desire, we suggest having a little look through to remove any unpopped kernels that may have escaped your clutches. Once this is done, melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat and add the brown sugar. Once you’ve mixed this in fully add the honey, vanilla and marshmallows. Turn the heat up to around medium and continue to stir until the marshmallows have melted and the mixture appears smooth then just pour over your popcorn and serve immediately.

If you’d love to serve your Mum authentic popcorn on Mothering Sunday but don’t have the time to make it yourself then simply let us do the hard work for you. Order any one of our stunning gourmet flavours such as Hot Madras or Spicy Thai in our authentic serving cups and make her day that little extra special. For more information on the delicious flavours we have on offer, click here.

New and exciting products from Empire

Monday, 2 March 2015 21:13:42 Europe/London

Buy popcorn online

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we like to constantly surprise our customers with new and exciting products. Great new flavours and exciting products are what keep us fresh and interesting for clients old and new and we think you’d agree that right now, it couldn’t be a more exciting time for us. From authentic bags, cones and other such containers to fabulous new flavours, here at Empire we’ve got it all. Lets start by taking a look at just some of our fabulous new popcorn flavours.

Popcorn is the new crisp

It’s no doubt been said many times that popcorn is the new crisp when it comes to snacks so it made perfect sense to make a new popcorn flavour that could rival that of the potato chip. One of the most popular and perhaps commonly known flavours when it comes to crisps has to be the rather sophisticated sour cream and chives and we think we’ve achieved this to a great level with our sour cream and chives flavoured popcorn. For those who usually enjoy their crisps with a little extra zing however then perhaps our salt and vinegar popcorn would be more suited?

Our new cheddar cheese flavoured sweet popcorn

That’s not all, we’ve got a delightful cheddar cheese flavoured sweet popcorn that’s enough to give a certain cheesy cracker snack a run for its money and by the sound of the reviews we’re getting, you guys couldn’t agree more. John Doyle from London has told us the new cheesy flavour has had his children more excited than ever. John also went on to say that as a parent, finding a suitable snack to give his children without the worry of high fat and calorie content was becoming difficult until he discovered our popcorn. He also said that offering them cheesy flavoured popcorn meant his children never suffered from cravings of the dreaded sweet tooth and he couldn’t be happier.

Our cheesy flavoured popcorn isn’t the only savoury delight we have on offer. We also have hot cinnamon that promises a tasty snack as delicious as any cinnamon flavoured cake you’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking for something a little extra then perhaps our bacon and cheese popcorn would do the trick? On top of this we have banana and vanilla flavoured popcorn too. These two flavours in particular have proven to be particularly popular at children’s parties. We’ve had several reviews from parents detailing their delight at a fruit flavoured snack that’s not only provided a healthier option snack wise but also made their children more adventurous in terms of eating real fruit every now and then too.

If you happen to be throwing a party for your adult friends then why not try our delicious Pina Colada flavoured popcorn. This flavour has most certainly gone down a storm especially when combined with our authentic popcorn cups giving people not only a delicious snack but also a trip down memory lane. Jacqui from Liverpool said the Pina Colada popcorn in particular was hugely popular at her last summer BBQ. With people growing tired of the usual chips and dip offerings or the same old chocolate, she wanted to offer something different that would not only excite her guests but have her parties talked about for weeks and weeks to follow and the Pina Colada popcorn achieved that with ease. Not only were her guests enjoying the snack of their childhood, swapping stories and reminiscing, they were also all hugely taken aback by the fantastic new flavouring.

We sell candyfloss online!

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company it’s not just our popcorn that we’re well known for, in fact it’s not even our popcorn that happens to be our best seller. Our candyfloss has become hugely popular too over the years and because of this, we decided it was time to expand our candyfloss products. We all know when it comes to parties and gatherings, the snacks and food are really what lie at the heart of it but throw in a few added extras and you’ll often find your parties are talked about for years to come. So when it came to our hand made candyfloss, we couldn’t think of a better product to supply to our customers than authentic printed children’s party bags.

Pauline from Derby, who recently used them at her daughters 12th birthday party said they made the fairground theme all the more exciting and authentic. Pauline also purchased our paper cones too, which meant her guests not only had a choice of what to use but they found the experience all the more exciting. Her daughter has been the talk of the town ever since and Pauline has said she’s even heard some rather great comments from fellow parents. When it comes to serving your favourite snack however it doesn’t stop at candyfloss. Whether you choose to purchase freshly made popcorn or raw kernels to pop yourself, our authentic popcorn cups to serve in are nothing short of perfect. Guaranteed to make every serving even more magical than the last and as we mentioned before, perfect for the adults in the group too who enjoy the odd trip down memory lane.

We’re always thinking of new and exciting ways to not only improve our product line but add to it further so if you have any particularly exciting flavours you’d love to see us offer, why not contact us today and make the suggestion. We love to hear what our customers have to say, after all without you, there’d be no us. 

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