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Some little known facts about CANDYFLOSS

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:23:24 Europe/London

Some little known facts about CANDYFLOSS

Fluffy Candyfloss is a carnival staple and perhaps one of the most iconic treats at the circus as a small child. Most know that it’s nothing more than coloured spun sugar but that doesn’t stop it from being so popular. Whether you buy it freshly made in front of you or even order fresh hand-made CANDYFLOSS from us here at Empire, it’s something that almost everyone does as part of their summer experience. Whichever way you enjoy Candyfloss, there are probably some interesting facts that you might not actually know.

Candyfloss the medical wonder

When candyfloss is spun it creates microfibers that traps air and gives it the cottony look we all know and love. This process is also used to spin supply vessels for skin grafts. The main reason skin grafts fail is a lack of blood transfer from the body to the new tissue but by adding a vein or ventricle system that’s knotted like Candyfloss it would ensure maximum blood flow and help the tissue anchor itself to the body. 

Candyfloss is art

Although it’s not really seen here in the UK, candyfloss industries in East Asia have actually been making Candyfloss more glamorous. Often seen at fairs and on street sides in the tourist locations, vendors have turned spinning Candyfloss into an art form creating shapes and patterns while it’s still warm and pliable. Layers of different coloured Candyfloss are spun on top of each other to create different designs of multi-coloured flowers and stars. 

Candyfloss is fat free so enjoy

There is no other ingredient in Candyfloss other than sugar meaning there isn’t actually any fat content. Everything we consume has calories however if you’re counting fats or trans fats then munching on Candyfloss is safe. Be careful of supermarket shelf candyfloss however that pumps their Candyfloss full of preservatives to keep it fresh for months and months, unlike us. Here at Empire we insist on our Candyfloss being eaten within a month to avoid adding preservatives and additives.

It’s not called Candyfloss it’s called Fairyfloss

If you left the UK and attended a fair in another part of Europe then asking for Candyfloss would just get you confused stares. Before gaining the name Candyfloss or ‘cotton candy’ as it’s known in the states, it was originally called Fairyfloss. This wasn’t because it was mainly eaten at fairs, instead it was called that because so many people said the light fluffy stuff reminded them of magic because of the way it was spun. 

Candyfloss is a wonderfully exciting treat, not just for its taste but the history and technique behind it. If you’re looking for Candyfloss supplies near you then look no further than here at Empire Popcorn and Confection Company. Our Candyfloss is hand-made, fresh and absolutely delicious. Try it for yourself and we guarantee you’ll fall in love.


Could our SWEET POPCORN be the next big thing?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 16:31:44 Europe/London

Buy Sweet Popcorn

Rice, potatoes, pasta and beans all have a long history as flavour transmitters i.e. foods that will readily take on the flavours of other foods that they’re cooked with or carry the flavours of whatever’s ladled on top of them. Now however, there’s a new wonder in town ready and willing to take the title on the flavour train and that’s our very own popcorn. Whether it’s salty, buttered or even SWEET popcorn you usually eat, here at Empire we’re changing that up. It must now be known that one of our most favourite snacks is no longer content being simply salted or sweet. It wants more flavour, more taste and it wants to give eaters an explosion, a sensation in fact when they try it. It’s begging for curry powder, for Thai sauce and for the sweet aromas of the Jamaican shores. Suffice to say our good old sweet POPCORN has grown bored and is waiting to party.

Here at Empire one of the reasons we adore popcorn so very much is because you can quite simply throw anything at it and it takes on the flavour. There are so many different routes to try and so many wonderful flavours to behold. It can literally be anything you want it to be, sweet or savoury. Flavoured popcorn is hardly new, first introduced in the United States. As with a lot of things however the UK have grabbed hold of it and made it there own introducing some of the most original flavours. At Empire we know it’s not just about toffee or buttered anymore. Popcorn really is great because it’s the perfect vehicle for other flavours and experiments. You can never get bored of it when it’s always changing.

The response in the UK too says it all. No matter what flavours we’ve offered, the people of the UK have been more than willing to try it and the reviews have left us very happy indeed. With flavours on offer from Hot Madras, Sweet and Spicy Jamaican, Sweet Pink Strawberry and even Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper the plain old popcorn of the past has been taken to an entire new level.

What makes it great is that you can even try it home, whether you buy our unpopped kernels or even simply purchase our salted popcorn you can still add ingredients at home to make it even more suited to your individual tastes. Popcorn never really leaves our minds because whether we are out at the movies or enjoying a DVD at home, it’s always wanted so why not make it even more delicious than it already is?

If you like to keep things simple, then take a peek at the flavours we have on offer here at Empire. There’s one to suit everyone and while you’re at it why not check out our fresh handmade candyfloss too? Here at Empire we dare you to take a step beyond the average Sweet popcorn. 


Our popcorn has more advantages than just taste

Monday, 11 August 2014 13:03:10 Europe/London

Our popcorn has more advantages than just taste

Here at Empire we know our popcorn tastes the best. We’re proud to be a family focussed business that’s been run by the same hands for well over ten years now. It should come as no surprise then that, as we’re so proud of how our company is run that we are just as proud of how we produce our popcorn too. Unlike so many other supermarket shelf brands or even microwave popcorn companies, we don’t throw additive after additive into our popcorn. We have no fear telling you that our delicious popcorn and candyfloss has indeed got a shelf life.

Why? We make our products with such fresh ingredients that our popcorn for example, isn’t able to last months and months on your cupboard shelf without it losing its amazing fresh flavours. Aside from the unbeatable fresh taste however, there are many other benefits to using such quality ingredients. Here are just a couple of examples. 

Rapeseed Oil

Aside from helping us to stick to our green policies, using rapeseed oil makes our sweet popcorn and every other flavour popcorn a much healthier option. Without fats and oils our bodies simply wouldn’t be able to function correctly and although we don’t want to exceed the recommended amount, it’s good to consume some. When we do it’s even better to consume the very best. Rapeseed oil has a number of health benefits for us.

High in the healthy omega fats 3, 6 and 9 as well as being a very rich source of vitamin E, which is in itself a natural antioxidant. Unlike a lot of oils, Rapeseed oil also boasts a lot less of the unhealthy saturated fat, a whopping 50% less than olive oil. 

Additive free fine sea salt

Its title alone gives you a clue as to one of its benefits, this being ‘additive free’. We avoid additives for our children so why not for ourselves? Sea salt alone however has some amazing health benefits such as its ability to help you gain a strong immune system. Sea salt will naturally help you build a strong immune system allowing you to fight off the dreaded cold and flu along with allergies and fevers. Sounds fab to us.

The consumption of sea salt has also been known to help promote weight loss because of its ability to help you digest food better. Helping to avoid build up in the digestive tract, which wouldotherwise lead to constipation and weight gain. 

Here at Empire Popcorn we know just how important ingredients are to people, which is why we ensure we use only the very best. They not only make our products taste better but make them a whole lot healthier too. Next time you’re enjoying one of our gourmet popcorn flavours, just remember that you’re consuming ingredients which are good for you so that extra handful you were thinking about…go for it. 


Empire popcorn manufacturers ask why we eat popcorn at the cinema

A little light reading into the history of popcorn and you’ll see that our favourite movie snack of choice wasn’t always so welcome whilst we enjoyed the latest blockbuster, so why is it so popular now? Here at Empire, UK popcorn manufacturers we look into why we eat so much popcorn at the cinema.

By 1848 popcorn was indeed the snack of choice

After popcorn had exploded onto the scene in North America it spread like wild fire. Eaters found the art of popping the corn massively entertaining and by 1848 popcorn was indeed the snack of choice. It had quite literally popped everywhere and was available in every entertainment site from the circus to the fair. There was only one entertainment site where our beloved popcorn was absent and that was at the movies. Movie theatres quite simply felt that popcorn was beneath them. Doing their best to replicate what the real theatres of the time were doing by laying plush red carpet and rugs, the thought of popcorn being ground into them just didn’t appeal. Nor did the distracting noise of snacking during a film. Movie theatres were desperately trying to appeal to a highbrow clientele and popcorn just wouldn’t do.

During the Great Depression movies and popcorn finally came together

1927 brought along a change however when theatres finally added sound to their films. This brought with it a wider clientele as it meant literacy was no longer a barrier when it came to watching them. In just three years the attendance to movie theatres had reached a huge 90 million a week and with such large amounts of people came a much larger possibility for profits, especially because the sound now muffled the snacking noise. It was during the Great Depression that movies and popcorn finally came together to form the partnership we all know and love. Looking for a very cheap diversion, people flocked to the cinema and at only 5 to 10 cents a bag popcorn became just about the only luxury that people could afford. Popping their own kernels instead of buying in from popcorn companies were a cheap alternative for theatres and often a $10 bag of kernels would last for years.

Popcorn isn’t just popular in the USA

Fast forward a few years and popcorn isn’t just popular in the USA but is hugely popular here in the UK too. Theatres and cinemas don’t just sell the snack anymore, they push for it to be bought by advertising it from the minute you walk through the doors until the very second the film begins. It’s even become a firm favourite at home for those very much loved DVD nights.

If you’re thinking of grabbing some popcorn to indulge in at home then look no further than us here at Empire Popcorn Manufacturers. Our gourmet flavoured popcorn can be delivered to almost anywhere in the UK so all you need to do is decide on what flavour you fancy trying. Will it be traditional or maybe something a little different?

Popcorn companies world record popcorn ball

Here at Empire we know that popcorn isn’t just for eating as bizarre as that sounds. Did you know that popcorn companies are used all over the world to create some of the most exciting world records? From the longest string of popcorn to the biggest popcorn ball, the Guinness World Records have seen it all. Here are just some of the world records created throughout the world with the popular tasty snack.

The largest ever popcorn ball was successfully attempted way back in 2006. This was created by the employees at The Popcorn Factory, Lake Forest Illinois and weighed in at a whopping 1552.64 kg. Now that’s a huge ball of popcorn.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your upcoming wedding cake then why not do something similar to the 50 members of the Sri Chimnoy Centre in New York. In August 2006 the members created the largest popcorn sculpture ever that measured in at 6.35m tall and 3.88m wide in the shape of a five-tiered cake. Unfortunately weighing in at 5301.59kg, we think it would be a tad difficult to get to the wedding venue.

On 16th April 2011 the international company Cineplexx all the way in Croatia achieved the largest box of popcorn ever created. Attempted in order to celebrate the opening of two new Cineplexx malls along with two Cineplexx cinemas, the popcorn box that measured 52.59m cubed, was successfully filled within one hour and fifty-seven minutes.

It would appear the Americans love to make a world record with yet another achievement, this time in Santa Clarita California back in 2004. This one was so impressive however it was actually unveiled on the Discovery Channels ‘BIG!’ television show. Built in just five days the popcorn machine came in at a whopping 6.77m tall, nearly 3m wide and almost 2.5m deep. Coming complete with two kettle cookers the machine was able to pop the corn simultaneously creating a huge amount of popcorn at once.

With the most recent of these being 2011, here at Empire we were wondering when another amazing popcorn world record was going to be attempted but luckily for us we didn’t have to wait for long because on 26th July 2014 the good people of Bristol at the At-Bristol Science museum successfully created the longest string of popcorn. Created by volunteers the stringing took nearly 24hrs to complete with the string eventually coming in at 280m. That’s a long bit of popcorn.

If you’d like to attempt your very own popcorn world record then why not try it with some of our amazing gourmet popcorn flavours here at Empire, one of the UK’s leading popcorn companies. At the very least you’ll be left with a tasty snack if it doesn’t quite go to plan. 

Popping popcorn at home for fun?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 23:32:49 Europe/London

Popping popcorn at home for fun

Here at Empire we have been popping corn for well over a decade so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about it. We’ve tried corn from all four corners of the world and have finally settled on one that we think is the absolute best called Pop Weaver. Why are we talking about unpopped corn?

Well we know that if you’re one of the many people who have been purchasing popcorn from us here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company then at some point you’re probably going to want to pop your own popcorn. Luckily for you however it doesn’t mean you’ll be eating lower quality popcorn, well unless you really aren’t very good at flavouring. When it comes to Pop Weaver in terms of taste, it just can’t be beaten with it’s amazing flavours and because we love it so much we now offer it for sale on our website.

When it comes to home popping with Pop Weaver corn there are two ways you can approach it, one is with a home popcorn making machine and the other is with a sealed deep saucepan on the stove. You can purchase home popcorn making machines on the Internet priced anywhere from £20 all the way to £400 plus, it’s entirely up to you which route you take with this although we have one recommendation.

There are some machines on the market that claim to pop corn simply with air and no use of oil. While this does sound healthy we feel a spot of rapeseed oil not only adds to the taste but is also great in terms of the health benefits it offers us such as it’s Omega 3 and Vitamin E contents.

If you’re choosing to pop corn on the stove then you’ll need a nice deep saucepan with a lid and enough unpopped corn to cover the bottom of the pan just one kernel deep. Weigh the amount of popcorn and then divide by three. The figure that it gives you is the measurement of oil you’ll need, as it’s one part oil to three parts popcorn.

Place the oil in the pan and once it’s hot test it on a couple of kernels, when they pop throw the rest in and stick the lid on quick. Then shake the pan to spread the oil evenly. Once the popping slows down remove the pan and let the oil pop the remaining kernels then with oven gloves at the ready, transfer the popcorn over into a dish for flavouring.

Most home popping usually results in either salty or buttery popcorn with both tasting just as great as each other so enjoy. If home popping doesn’t sound like something you’d want to do or even something you have time for then why not indulge a little and have some of our gourmet flavoured popcorn or even some of our delicious freshly made candyfloss delivered to your door. No mess, no fuss and delivered fresh and ready to eat. 


The History of Candyfloss

Monday, 14 July 2014 11:12:53 Europe/London

The History of Candyfloss

Hands up if you love Candyfloss because we sure do here at Empire. We love its taste, its texture and we even love its detailed history. Can you believe that it actually dates back to the 1700’s when it was a very expensive luxury that only the wealthy could enjoy? This was mostly down to the fact that it was such a labour intensive treat before the days of machine spun Candyfloss so people paid for the time rather than the actual ingredients. None the less, common folk were far too poor to enjoy it but oh how times changed in 1897 when a machine was invented that could spin Cotton Candy or Fairy Floss, as it was then known super quick.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that it took an even bigger step forward and a machine that not only spun it but packaged it too was invented. This made it so much more convenient and subsequently made it a million times more accessible as it was then sold everywhere from carnivals to shops. Did you know there are even vending machines now that will quickly produce a single serving fresh? Mainly sold in bags and on sticks, the light and fluffy sweet stuff shockingly only contains on average around 115 calories per standard serving, so not as naughty as you once thought.  

For most however, it’s not whether they want to eat it or even whether they should, it’s actually where should they get it from. If you don’t live on the sea front with access to a candyfloss stall on the pier then the only place that you might find the sweet treat is at your local fair, although they only seem to roll up during the summer months so it’s not exactly readily available.

We’re determined to make Candyfloss available to everyone

Here at Empire however, we’re determined to make Candyfloss easily available to everyone in the UK. We create delicious and traditional hand made fairground candyfloss that tops the charts when it comes to taste. It’s available in a variety of colour options as well as a variety of package options so if you want a few servings just for yourself or you want enough to feed an entire wedding party, then we can supply it for you. The best bit is the trip down memory lane it inevitably leads you on, reminding you of the amazing childhood days spent eating the fluffy candyfloss on a stick at your local fair or school fete.

Whilst you’re on our website why not take a peek at some of the fabulous gourmet popcorn we have available for delivery UK wide. From hot and spicy flavours to traditional and sweet, there’s something for everyone. Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company, we take sweet treats seriously. 


The perfect popcorn occasion

Tuesday, 8 July 2014 17:32:29 Europe/London

The perfect popcorn occasion

We all have those moments in life when a certain crisis calls for a massive bar of chocolate and bottle of wine, a particular family get together means a huge homely roast dinner and a stroll along any British sea front equals a giant helping of fish and chips. When it comes to popcorn however, there only seems to be one moment in life when it springs to mind and that’s the good old cinema. The perfect snack for sharing in the dark whilst sat engrossed in the latest blockbuster but is this the only time we can enjoy one of our favourite snacks or are we missing perfect opportunities every single week? Here at Empire we want to show you all the moments in life when only popcorn will do, so sit back, relax and imagine if you will…

Who doesn't love popcorn with a home movie?

One moment that some may already be accustomed to is the much-loved home movie. Nights in with that someone special or even the whole family bundled on the sofa just never fail to put a smile on your face. Cuddled up close and entertained to the max watching the latest DVD to hit the shelves and made all the more perfect with a giant bowl of popcorn that quickly has to be refilled again and again. What better way to avoid the cinema queue and noise than turning your living room into one?

Popcorn at children’s parties

Children’s parties and summer garden parties are becoming more and more popular, especially the last couple of years with the beautiful weather we’ve been having. With sunshine however, comes the heat and although we might love it, the chocolate and ice cream definitely do not which makes popcorn or even our fresh fairground Candyfloss the perfect accompaniment for any summer party. Loved by the kids (even the big ones), popcorn really is a huge hit especially with our gourmet flavours.

Enjoy Popcorn for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is the quintessential British treat. Loved and adored by the nation yet as times change so do our traditions. New and wonderful ideas are brought forward and within them are often a few amazing ideas that stick. One of those just happens to be modern spins on afternoon tea. With some places introducing petite fours and ice cream instead of finger sandwiches and pastries, we want to put forward the idea of popcorn “ice cream”. Sweet popcorn, covered in a mixture of melted chocolate and marshmallow, rolled into “ice cream” balls and placed in cones. Perfect additions to any modern twist inspired afternoon tea and even fab for family parties at home.

Or simply eat popcorn as a healthy day to day snack

In spite of our awesome ideas we know there are some of you out there who simply enjoy popcorn as a healthy day to day snack and for those people we suggest a little shake up with some of our fabulous gourmet flavours, you won’t regret it. For deliveries to your door just buy popcorn online from us here at Empire, great flavour and great prices. 


Popcorn - A friendly snack for your teeth

Wednesday, 2 July 2014 10:50:18 Europe/London

Popcorn - A friendly snack for your teeth

We’ve all heard it haven’t we, sugary snacks will eventually rot our teeth and they don’t just mean chocolate bars. From any type of sweet food to any type of sweet drink, even fruit. Any type of sugar is simply bad for our teeth but how? Well, unfortunately whenever you eat a snack that contains sugar or starch it results in what can only be described as an acid attack on your teeth. This can last for up to twenty minutes after eating and considering so many snacks now contain sugar, even the ones that claim to have “no added sugar” it can be pretty tough to avoid. Fortunately for us there are ways of beating the dreaded sugar attack and that’s simply by changing what you snack on and drink. Here at Empire we’re going to tell you how.

When it comes to drinks, the answer is obvious; simply swap your fizzy drinks and sugary juices for either milk or water. It sounds dull but the benefits for your teeth are amazing. Especially with milk being so high in calcium your teeth really will reap the benefits of such a strengthening and sugar free drink.

Popcorn is healthier for your teeth than chocolate 

Snacking however, is a little harder especially when we’re told fruit (a supposed healthy snack) actually contains a lot of sugar, which doesn’t help our teeth. So what can we snack on? Well here at Empire we’re very proud to tell you that popcorn, whether that be slightly salted or even buttery popcorn is actually a much healthier snack for teeth than chocolate bars and other such popular snacks.Eaten by the bowlful it can be enjoyed guilt free knowing your dentist wont shout at you and your smile won’t be affected. What’s even better is that with our salted popcorn we only use additive free fine sea salt, which makes it even healthier for the rest of your body along with rapeseed oil that also has a number of health benefits associated with it like containing less unhealthy saturated fat, being a source of vitamin E and omegas three, six and nine.

So maybe we should actually be considering whether popcorn is beneficial to our overall health, not just dental? With the obvious answer being absolutely, yes. If you’re looking to change your family’s health around for the better than why not buy popcorn online and we’ll deliver it to your door. Easy, simple and a tasty step towards a healthier future is just a few clicks away but don’t forget life is meant to be enjoyed, so a sugary treat once in a blue moon is ok. Why not try our delicious fairground candyfloss whilst you’re ordering some popcorn and see what you think. Sugary sweet and a real treat once you’ve been good swapping your chocolate bars for our popcorn will be more than you deserve.

At Empire it is all about popcorn

Monday, 23 June 2014 11:32:11 Europe/London

At Empire it is all about popcorn

A little bit about Empire and our Popcorn

As some of you may know, here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary we supply amazing tasting popcorn in wonderful flavours UK wide. Our customers enjoy gourmet flavours, new and old, along with light and fluffy fair ground candyfloss. For our new customers (and old) however, we thought we’d tell you just a little bit more about us and just some of what it is we actually do.

Empire has been handled by the same people for over ten years now, so not only do we have experience but we know Empire Popcorn and its customers like the back of our hands. We’re based in Cheshire in the North West of England but still continue to distribute our delicious sweet popcorn and candyfloss across the entire UK and that’s no easy task we can tell you. Since 2012 we’ve made our range of products a lot bigger too, so much so that they now include some extremely different gourmet flavours that you may never have even heard of such as Hot Madras and Spicy Thai? We bet that’s caught your ear.

Empire Popcorn are a very family focussed business

For most the thought of eating popcorn only conjures up thoughts of the cinema or maybe the local town show, but that’s what we want to change. Empire, a very family focussed business, wants to show people that popcorn and candyfloss can now be enjoyed all year round in the comfort of your own home. Traditionally supplying shops, leisure centres, sports stadiums and of course cinemas, Empire now deliver small family sized orders straight to people’s front doors so there’s no need to wait until Friday night at the movies.

The very best bit about it all is that when it comes to popcorn, ours wont hurt your waistline as much as some other brands. Using only additive free fine sea salt along with rapeseed oil in all of our manufacture processes means that not only is it better on the environment but its also a lot healthier. If you ever needed an excuse to deviate from the diet, there you have it.

Here at Empire we keep our standards high and do our very best when it comes to the environment. Not only do we embrace “green friendly” policies but we wholeheartedly support recycling, even suggesting our popcorn waste makes great poultry feed. Couple this with our outstanding customer service and we truly believe you won’t find a friendlier company with such great produce.You shouldn’t just take our word for it though, why not check out what we have to offer and see for yourselves. You have nothing to lose especially with our amazing cast iron money back guarantee offering you all your money back if you aren’t at least 100% satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Open your mind with our amazing gourmet popcorn. 

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