Our guide to throwing the perfect childrens party

Children’s parties have now become so much more elaborate than when we were children ourselves. Many of us hear the odd rumour or two at the school gates about this parent spending hundreds and the next parent spending thousands all in an attempt to throw the best birthday party ever.

It’s so easy for parents to become a little overwhelmed when it comes to the details and trying the throw the perfect party that won’t only please their child but please the competitive parents too. Here, at Empire we want to let you know that a great party doesn’t cost the earth and can be done with relative ease. Shake off those worries and allow us to give you our guide to throwing the perfect children’s party.

Don’t put it off

Many look at it and think it can’t really be that hard. It’ll need a cake and some balloons right? Wrong. If you want a nice easy party then we recommend planning it about five or six weeks in advance maybe even eight if your son or daughter’s school friends have particularly busy social lives. If your child is old enough then getting them involved will be even better. Then it’s simply a case of answering all the questions that will undoubtedly begin to crop up such as… will you make the cake or cook your own? Will you have party favours? How many children will you invite? Keep things simple and easy with a little planning and time.

Pick a great theme

Picking a theme can be tough especially if your child has a mixed bag of friends. Often little girls will want the ultimate princess party but this wont be very fun for the boys in her class to turn up to. Equally a little boy might want a racing car party with lots of boisterous games which you’ll find won’t be very suited to any young girls that turn up. It’s always a good idea to pick a gender-neutral theme that pleases everyone.

This will make things a lot easier for you too when you don’t have a group of bored children sitting on the side lines. One particularly good idea that we see being used over and over again is the fairground theme. This is a rather broad theme too so it can work no matter what size house or garden you have and no matter if you happen to have a particularly boisterous group of children or quiet ones.

Send out invitations early

Once you’ve decided on a day it’s then time to send out invitations. The earlier you can do this the better as it gives people plenty of time to keep the date free and RSVP once they’ve found the invitation in the bottom of their child’s school bag.

It also then gives you a lot of time to organise extra food and drink should the guest list exceed your original expectations. Likewise it allows you to scale things down accordingly without causing any embarrassment to your child with an empty party.

Don’t cater for the parents

Quite often, mums and dads will appear to forget that it’s a children’s party by catering to the adults first and foremost in terms of food and time. Remember this is for the children, not the adults so pick a time that’s suitable for the children when they’ll be most rested and ready to enjoy the fun and games.

Keep the party to a few hours maximum as this provides more than enough time for even the shyest of children to become acclimatised and come out of the shell to enjoy themselves. It’s also important that you keep the food simple such as pizza and our rather popular range of popcorn and candyfloss.

Make it look authentic

It doesn’t take a huge amount of money to transform your home into a different world. The fair ground theme for example merely requires a few balloons, a few streamers and some exciting snacks from us here at Empire. If you want to go that one step further however then why not indulge your child with a few authentic cups and candyfloss cones that will make them feel like they’re at a real fairground.

Serving the popcorn up in our famous Empire popcorn cups will offer the children a little excitement and save a lot of time on the washing up too. Likewise the candyfloss cones and candyfloss bags provide something different and unusual for minimal cost. It also means that children will be able to take some candyfloss home with them to enjoy.

Make things easy and choose flavoured popcorn

If you don’t intend on popping the popcorn yourself with your own popcorn maker and want to make things as easy as possible then why not buy our party sized bags of freshly made popcorn? It makes the price of the popcorn super cheap and offers an instant snack as the children walk through the door. There’s no preparation needed and you won’t even need to take the time to go out and buy it because we’ll deliver it straight to your door.

If you’d like to throw your child the best birthday party ever with minimal fuss and effort then here at Empire is where you need to start. Our delicious flavoured gourmet popcorn and candyfloss is sure to be a huge hit with the kids and big kids alike. It’ll also mean a party that doesn’t cost the earth too. For more information on our fabulous flavours simply click here.