Could popcorn be the perfect post workout snack?

Fitness programmes and diets tend to evolve along with our ever-expanding knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. As our understanding and definition moves on, so too do our guidelines and oh how things have changed. It might surprise you to learn that there once was a time when we believed vibrating belts could jiggle the fat away and chocolate had the ability to suppress our appetites (diet conscious mothers in the 60s and 70s even kept boxes of chocolates in their fridge in a bid to help them fend off the extra pounds).

Sadly, especially for the chocolate lovers out there, being in shape looks a hell of a lot different today. Gone are the stick thin model goals and in its place lies the desire to be the next fitness model. Fit, as they now say, is the new thin and as any health conscious person knows it’s all about working the core and incorporating a cross section of classes including weights, yoga and even spinning. Whilst they’re doing this, they’re keeping track of their progress on the latest smartphone app.

If none of these methods are familiar to you, please don’t throw the towel in just yet. For the technophobes out there, the best advice you can take is to keep it simple and take it back to basics. Go for a walk or run three to five times a week and most importantly, learn about nutrition and exactly what your body needs. Even the most advanced athletes out there realise that over half the battle when it comes to achieving their goals revolves around feeding the body properly and giving it exactly what it needs. Nobody in their right mind would want to undo a great workout so it’s best to look for fitness friendly foods that are naturally low in fat and super healthy.

Popcorn happens to be the perfect post-workout snack of choice

Now whilst the majority of fitness friendly foods may seem a little dull (lettuce, apples and carrot sticks spring to mind) there is one snack out there that’s not only super healthy but incredibly tasty too and that’s popcorn. Popcorn, surprisingly enough, happens to be the perfect post-workout snack of choice. This means the very next time you walk out of the gym or begin craving a crunchy, guilt free and ultimately tasty snack, we suggest you get popping. This is because not only is popcorn a whole grain offering an incredible amount of fibre but it also packs even more cancer and heart disease fighting antioxidants than the vast majority of fruits and vegetables. 

A number of studies into the wonder that is popcorn has found that the mighty wholegrain is composed of a mere 4% water and has a much higher concentration of antioxidant substances, known as polyphenols, than most vegetables which are roughly 90% water. The hulls of popcorn are where the magic happens and are often referred to as nutritional gold nuggets. That’s not all though, as our favourite snack also happens to have a number of other health benefits too. Did you know that just one serving would provide you with more than 70% of your daily intake of whole grains?

Considering that most people on average only ever receive around half of the recommended serving of whole grains a day, this is actually a really great find. Popcorn could indeed fill that gap in an extremely tasty way. The fact that it’s full of fibre could also help to keep heart disease and diabetes at bay whilst aiding in weight loss attempts.

Now if it’s specifically a post workout or fitness friendly snack you want then you are of course going to have to make some compromises. This means that chocolate covered popcorn would of course be a no no but that doesn’t mean you have to eat dull and boring food. On the contrary actually as here at Empire we can offer a multitude of flavours that will remain within the ‘healthy snack’ category and offer a serious taste explosion at the same time.

Whilst we all love butter popcorn, it might be best to save this one for treat nights. For regular snacking however we have a wide range of gourmet flavours that are guaranteed to keep you excited for your next snack for years and years to come. For those wanting something a little traditional then might we suggest our super crunchy sea salt popcorn? This crunchy and freshly made popcorn is made even healthier thanks to our use of healthier sea salt. It also means a much better flavour too. If salted popcorn isn’t your thing or perhaps you’re just looking for something a little different then fear not. Here at Empire we’ve got some rather exciting and some might say, different flavours for you to try. Could we interest you in the delicate flavours of banana perhaps? Or maybe hot cinnamon? For cocktail lovers we’ve even got an exciting Pina Colada flavour too meaning you could enjoy a healthy post workout snack with a hint of the exotic.

We all know a little spice is said to help give the metabolism a great boost which makes our Hot Madras, Spicy Thai and Sweet and Spicy Jamaican flavours an absolute must try. With delicate hints of spice and aromas of India, Thailand and Jamaica, you’ll find yourself swept away from the post workout haze dreaming of far away lands. What better way is there to finish a workout?