Did you know that here at Empire Popcorn we have a flavour of popcorn for absolutely every single scenario that you could imagine. With our gourmet flavours ranging from sweet and spicy to downright fruity, we know that no matter what sort of gathering you’re going to be hosting, one mouthful of the right taste sensation could quite literally turn your party from average to absolutely amazing.

To help you decide just what you should be looking at, we’ve pieced together some of the best flavour/scenario combinations. Depending on what you’re doing, whom you’re doing it with and how you’re feeling at the time, you could be chowing down on something fruity or something extra spicy.

Girls night in

We all know a girls night in can be filled with raucous behaviour discussing the latest hot guy and the very latest fashions with excitement levels pretty much racing off the scales. There are of course the essentials that come with this sort of night in such as wine, a take away and some form of romantic comedy but the snacks are always a little harder to choose.

Whether you venture down the crisps or chocolate route is one question but what flavour popcorn you choose is another entirely. For the perfect night however we suggest picking our Pina Colada flavour popcorn that offers the delicious flavours of your favourite cocktail. This tropical treat is guaranteed to have all the girls grabbing handfuls of the stuff so be sure to order enough.

Boys night in

A boy’s night in is a little different to that of the opposite sex. Whilst guys do tend to gather and discuss similar subjects such as the most current pin up along with the latest fashions, a romantic comedy is most certainly off the table. Instead the romantic comedy is replaced with sports, whilst the wine and cocktails are replaced with beers. The perfect snack therefore must be chosen carefully. The ideal snack needs to be manly and testosterone filled.

It needs to stand up to the challenge of handling a group of loud and boisterous men and we know the perfect snack for the job. Our Hot Madras is the ideal accompaniment to any night with the lads, with its Indian flavouring that’s finished perfectly with a seriously spicy aftertaste.

Young girls party

The vast majority of young girls parties these days, tend to have a running theme; princesses. The scene will often consist of pink frilly dresses, glittery shoes and oh so pretty tiaras. To make the party perfect (as any parent will of course want) the perfect party food is needed.

The chosen snacks have to be not only tasty but a match with the theme too. Candyfloss is the obvious choice as it matches the feminine princess theme with it’s fair ground pink colouring but what else is there? For many parents the subject of sugar arises and it’s true to say that a lot of parents now want to avoid things like chocolate and biscuits simply because of the high sugar content.

Here at Empire however we have the ideal snack of choice to pair perfectly with any little girls dreams for her big day and only the very best ingredients have been used in the making of it too. Introducing our strawberry pink sweet popcorn that not only has a rather mouth watering strawberry flavour that any young girl will find delicious but it also happens to have a pink hue too. This flavour will be the making of any young girls party.

A post workout snack for fitness fanatics

Itt’s quite often thought to be the case that a health and fitness fanatic will be difficult to feed but that’s not necessarily true. It’s just about finding the right food for the right time. More often than not, when you’re meeting up with your fitness fanatic friend, they’ll be looking for the best post workout snack and while even the healthiest will testify that plain popcorn is the best, it doesn’t necessarily excite the taste buds.

Here at Empire however we have a number of healthy gourmet flavours of popcorn that are guaranteed to have your mouth watering in anticipation of the next bite. With their constant efforts when it comes to eating healthy we couldn’t think of a more perfect snack of choice than our banana flavoured popcorn. Not only is it incredibly healthy due to the best quality ingredients being used to make it but it also has a hugely healthy flavour too; what’s healthier than fruit right?

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs are the ideal time to enjoy freshly grilled food in the sun but as is the case with most BBQs, a burger just isn’t enough. The food needs to have a little variety and offer the perfect opportunity to pick at intervals. With crisps being so last year, popcorn is now the most popular snack of choice and what better way to keep everyone happy than to choose a number of different flavours.

From Hot Cinnamon and Bubblegum to Pink Vanilla and Yellow Lemon, here at Empire we have absolutely everything you could possibly wish for. Even the fussiest of eaters would find themselves a favourite flavour. From traditional to savoury, our range of gourmet popcorn flavours is extensive, so take a peek and see if you manage to narrow your choice down to just one.