Buy candy floss and attempt your own world records?

Here at Empire we are hugely proud of our hand-made candyfloss. We make delicious and traditional fairground candyfloss by hand and it just so happens to be one of our best sellers. Unlike so many other companies we refuse to pump preservatives into our food so insist on our lovely fluffy stuff only standing on the shelf for one month but once you taste its amazing freshness you’ll understand why. Now as you probably already know we don’t just specialise in candyfloss, we also make some amazing gourmet flavours of popcorn and if you know that, you’ll also know just how much we love a fun fact. We’ve spoken before about the great Guinness World Records that have been achieved with popcorn such as the biggest ball of popcorn, but did you know that candyfloss also has its name in lights for some amazing achievements? So why not buy candy floss from us here at Empire and try your hand at some of these, better yet let’s see if you can do better.

The tallest candyfloss ever made was attempted successfully in Germany on the 13th July 2013. This was organised by two German men who went by the names of Abenteuer Leben and Kabel Eins. The candyfloss somehow managed to reach a whopping 5.45metres, that’s over 17 feet.

That’s not all because there was also a world record attempted and achieved for the most candyfloss made in 90 minutes and it was successfully achieved in our very own home country, more specifically in Blackpool. Peggy Chadwick achieved this particular record back in 2001 on the 31st August. It was attempted as part of a UK Youth Week that was held at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The amount of candyfloss made reached a mammoth 204. Now that’s a lot of candyfloss.

Last but by no means least comes the very exciting Guinness World record, which involved creating the longest candyfloss ever. Kocaeli Fuar Mudurlugu in Turkey achieved this. Attempted on 10th July 2009 and was a result of 70 of the Kocaeli Fuar Mudurlugu staff participating. They managed to create one whole candyfloss measuring 1,400 metres in length, that’s over 4,593 feet and took a very long and tiring six hours to complete.

Think you could achieve something this amazing with our equally amazing Candyfloss? Why not buy our candy floss online and while you’re at it, take a look at some of our popcorn supplies that we distribute UK wide too. With only the very finest ingredients used you can feel happy in the knowledge that you’re giving your family the very best. You could also be creating some great family time together too attempting your very own world records. If all else fails just enjoy eating whatever you’ve created.