Can diabetics enjoy our popcorn?

Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks across the world to date and for some is just one of life’s little snacking pleasures. It’s now become so heavily associated with the cinema that many can’t even imagine going to see a film without stopping by the popcorn counter for a big old bucket of their favourite flavour.

Whilst the average person doesn’t have to think twice about whether they want to eat popcorn or not there are some out there that need to think about whether or not they can. For people with diabetes, highly salted and buttery versions should indeed be avoided however this doesn’t mean that popcorn should be avoided altogether. Popcorn can actually be safely incorporated into a diabetic diet with the right knowledge and careful consideration.

Significant form of whole grain fibre

Popcorn is indeed an unprocessed and rather significant form of whole grain fibre. In addition to this, a whole serving of popcorn still has a very low glycaemic index compared with the vast majority of other snack foods so as long as it’s consumed in moderation, popcorn can actually make a healthy and tasty addition to the diabetic diet.

A look at the nutritional content of popcorn

When you take a look at the nutritional content of popcorn, like any whole grain source of carbohydrates, air popped unprocessed popcorn happens to be an excellent source particularly for those individuals with diabetes. Most popcorn that’s considered light (no flavouring or additives) contains just eighty to one hundred calories and three whole grams of fibre per serving.

Being made from corn means it’s entirely whole grain and therefore doesn’t impact on the blood sugar levels as dramatically as say a chocolate bar or packet of fruit pastels would. It’s so healthy in fact that one serving of light popcorn has a glycaemic load that’s a whopping two to four times lower than other so called healthy snacks like raisins and crackers.

Popcorn portion size

When it comes to portion size, many associations connected with diabetes consider one diabetic friendly portion of popcorn to equal three cups of popped corn. This is roughly fifteen grams of carbohydrates. Individuals with diabetes can safely consume around fifteen to thirty grams of carbohydrates for snacks so this means that under no circumstances should more than two servings be consumed at any one time.

Some bags of microwave popcorn contain around twenty-one grams of carbohydrates making them ideal portion sizes however the individual ingredients would need to be examined thoroughly before consumption.

Pay close attention to the ingreadiants 

When it comes to choosing the right popcorn, those with diabetes must be mindful of the type of popcorn they’re consuming. This is simply down to the fact that so many versions have added fats, sugars and salts. Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we insist on using only the very best ingredients within our gourmet popcorn however we would still advise you read the ingredients labels carefully so that you ensure there aren’t too many sugars for your individual needs.

The total amount of fat and sugars should of course be limited as much as possible and ideally there should be no trans fats whatsoever on the list of ingredients. Sodium should be kept to a minimum at all times not rising above one hundred and fifty milligrams per serving, as this is ten percent of the recommended daily intake for sodium.

Popcorn flavours and alternatives

When it comes to popcorn and flavours the majority of the population find themselves mindlessly dousing their portion in an unlimited amount of salt and/or butter however this wouldn’t be advised for someone suffering with diabetes. This would not be conducive to the management of diabetes or blood pressure for that matter.

Instead many people with diabetes have found spraying their popcorn with a little butter flavoured spray or olive oil to be rather effective. Some even add a little garlic or onion powder for a savoury flavour without the damaging extra salt. For those who enjoy kettle corn then a sprinkling of powdered and sugar free sweetener can often satisfy cravings of the sweet tooth without the worry of a sugar overload.

Why not pop your own popcorn at home

It is of course possible for people with diabetes to pop into their local supermarket and pick up a one hundred calorie bag of low fat popcorn. This would be perfectly safe and we’re sure very enjoyable however here at Empire we ask, where’s the fun in that? It may also be a case that a diabetic individual would be too concerned about safety when it comes to picking something from the shelf of their local supermarket so instead we suggest popping your own popcorn at home.

Empire Popcorn, the UKs number 1 popcorn supplier

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we supply raw corn in a number of differently sized bags so no matter what sort of appetite you have, we’ll be able to satisfy your cravings. From as little as £1.75 you can have raw corn delivered straight to your door ready to pop until your hearts content; and your stomach for that matter.

Then it’s simply down to flavouring. Whilst some enjoy spritzing on a little buttery spray, olive oil or even garlic powder as we mentioned before, we suggest trying it plain first. We think you’ll be surprised at just how enjoyable popcorn can be completely plain without any added ingredients.

You might also find you enjoy the snack even more knowing that it’s at its lowest glycaemic index possible and utterly safe for you to indulge in. We’re happy to deliver to most areas in and around the UK so jump online and order yourself a bag of raw corn now ready to pop at home and indulge on your next movie night.