Candyfloss takes on a whole new meaning with Japanese Street Art

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we’re not just passionate about popcorn and the number of gourmet flavours we supply, we’re also passionate about our Candyfloss. We’re a huge fan of finding out what’s going on and what’s happening around the world with our favourite treats and when we came across this rather amazing method of creating Candyfloss we just couldn’t ignore it. Introducing to you the fabulous, the flamboyant and the down right amazing Candyfloss street art that’s currently taking Asia by storm.

When you buy Candyfloss it’s usually haphazardly spun and twirled around a stick in a rather ball like fashion. It’s sometimes even stuffed into a paper cone and then placed in a plastic bag with the usual clown face or other fairground associated picture printed on the front. This however is no longer the case, well not for China or Japan that is because they’ve been creating wonderful Candyfloss flowers that are proving almost too beautiful to eat. You won’t believe how they’re made either.

Candyfloss flowers first begin the very same as any normal Candyfloss does. Coloured granulated sugar is placed into the Candyfloss machine. A skewer or chopstick is then positioned in the centre as normal. As the strings of sugar are thrown out in to the machine the skewer is rotated and a layer of Candyfloss begins to form around it. This simply continues as normal until all the sugar has turned into the familiar Candyfloss we know and love. Normally this is where it would stop and be given to one of the many waiting faces but with Candyfloss flowers a little more attention is needed.

This now becomes the base and now it’s formed a different colour must be added. It’s here that they begin simply rotating again until all the sugar has turned into Candyfloss. Once this has happened the flower will begin to take on the shape. To do this a wet skewer is used to carefully make indentations in the fluffy sugar. This process of adding a different colour and rotating followed by use of the wet skewer is repeated until a beautiful flower is created.

As you can see a lot more effort is used to create such a masterpiece, which is why it’s possibly so difficult to eat. It takes a long time compared to the traditional way and it’s perhaps not as cost effective but it’s certainly interesting. Luckily for you however here at Empire, one of the UK’s leading Popcorn manufacturers, we supply an array of Candyfloss in different colours just ready to be delivered fresh to your door. No more waiting and no more standing around. At the click of a button or a simply phone call you can have the tastiest Candyfloss delivered just in time for your party, wedding or mere indulgence.