Ant Man

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Grab that bowl of popcorn and prepare for some lighthearted action

When it comes to Marvel Cinema, it can be an awfully daunting place especially with the likes of Iron Man, Spider Man and the Avengers to contend with. It can also be a humourous place full of whimsy and lightheartedness and these are two qualities that come into play with Ant Man which we’d consider a real modest yet utterly enjoyable addition to the expanding world of the Marvel family.

While some grieved over the loss of the stylish and inventive stand-alone adventures that director Edgar Wright would have undoubtedly delivered (he left over creative differences), Peyton Reed managed to create a real off-the-cuff franchise starter with the help of the lovable Paul Rudd who plays the smaller-scaled yet bigger-hearted hero. In spite of what people first thought, in terms of Reed taking over, there’s no denying the fact that the movie indeed succeeds well enough as a genial diversion and at times a truly delightful one which is testament to the fact that sometimes less, really is more.

After a somewhat brief stint back to 1989 where Dr Hank Pym (an airbrushed and much younger looking Michael Douglas who plays a brilliant scientist) is introduced, the film settles into a loose and casual sort of vibe as it moves from present day California where we first meet Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in prison. Scott is at the time residing in San Quentin due his time as a not so skilled cat burglar. Having spent three years behind bars, he’s now being released and subsequently picked up by his old cellmate Luis (Michael Pena).

Luis tries his best to convince Scott to head back to a life of petty crime but Scott is determined to hit the straight and narrow in a bid to reconnect with daughter Cassie who currently lives with Scott’s ex Maggie and Maggie’s cop fiancé Paxton who it would seem, isn’t the biggest fan of Scott. Paxton lacks any faith in Scott’s ability to turn over a new leaf which it turns out is pretty spot as after a short stint working in an ice cream shop, he’s back cracking open a giant safe in someone’s basement where he finds a rather beaten up looking black and red suit. Curiosity gets the better of him and he soon experiences the suits abilities first hand by shrinking to the size of an ant which not only sees him running around as a tiny ant size man, it also gives him cannonball strength and bullet speed thanks to atomic compression.

As it turns out however, both the safe and the suit belonged to Hank who devised the shrinking technology many moons ago to provide the U.S with the most powerful military weaponry. With the fear of it falling into enemy’s hands, it was shelved. That was until now, as the new head of Hank’s old company and his old student, reveals his plans to begin selling the suits and technology to the highest bidder.

Upon hearing this startling news, Hank decides he now needs someone willing to don the suit that has not only the stealth and agility but the talent for thievery which is why he led Scott to his basement thanks to a little word of mouth and good old fashioned gossip.

Cue a mid-movie training montage that shows Scott training with Hank’s daughter where he learns now only how to punch and dive through tiny keyholes in doors but also learns how to communicate with four different types of ant. Reed and his crew have undoubtedly put their own spin on a subgenre that was heavily defined by the likes of “The Incredible Shrinking Man” and “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” and rather successfully too. The camera fluctuates from point of view and scale turning a single splash of water in the bath into a tsunami while a Thomas The Tank Engine train set offers a real tongue in cheek perspective when it becomes part of a rail-hopping chase that any western would be proud of.

Less than convinced of Scoot’s ability is his trainer Hank’s daughter, Hope, who’s played by Lost’s Evangeline Lilly. She would prefer to be put in the suit herself being unconvinced of Scott’s ability, immediately establishing herself as a possible love interest for Rudd. With Hope’s current boyfriend Darren Cross, Hank’s former student and current head of his company now planning to sell the technology to the highest bidder, the job of Ant Man is clear – thwart the schemes of Darren Cross before the “Yellowjacket” technology gets released into the world with potentially disastrous results. There are also a good few mentions of how the world is still reeling from the catastrophes of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which only goes to prove the world simply isn’t ready.

The fact that Hank was once himself the Ant Man and part of the founding members of the Avengers goes unmentioned. We’re shown in a few flashback promo videos him at work with his wife Janet, aka the Wasp. Janet’s absence however explains just why Hank and his daughter have such a tumultuous relationship, which only goes to highlight Scott’s determination to do right by Cassie even more. With Ant Man being placed in a rather “normal” setting in terms of broken marriages and single parents, he becomes less superhero and more amusing yet sentimental family man, making the film equally as family friendly with a few blockbuster elements thrown in for good measure. What highlights this even more is the fact that serious damage occurs to a house as opposed to an entire city.

A great amount of groundwork has been laid out for the future when Ant Man, needing to retrieve some all-important hardware from an Avengers base, finds himself fighting it out with Falcon played by Anthony Mackie. Beating his rather embarrassed opponent is much less useful than remaining unseen in the first place, which is only highlighted further by Hank and Hope. The vibe throughout the film is utterly playful and very unpretentious helped along with the upbeat Latin music to accompany the nimble yet largely visual style throughout. There is one hugely eye-popping and completely mind-bending sequence that shows us the dangerous effects of shrinking to subatomic levels which gives it that edge over every other fun family drama.

The down to earth side of Ant Man is thanks to Rudd’s rather charming performance as quite possibly the nicest, boy-next-door type cat burglar who happens to be the most unlikely superhero of all, even with his newfound capabilities and washboard abs. He refuses to take himself seriously and as a result, is a winning character and someone you can’t help but love. What perhaps makes this superhero even more approachable is the fact that the Ant Man helmet flips open and does so on a regular basis, giving us full view to the scruffy yet friendly human face behind the shield. Michael Douglas offers a great performance as the stubborn, old father and mentor who not only regards his daughter with affection but his protégé too. Darren, played by Corey Stoll, also helps bring a rather charismatic swagger to the role of the villainous Darren.

Even John Slattery reprises his Iron Man 2 role as Howard Stark while Martin Donovan provides the rather sinister role as one of Stark’s less trustworthy S.H.I.E.L.D colleagues and friends. Having said that, one of the most memorable performances actually comes from Pena as the trusty sidekick Luis with his cheeky, adorable grin and his brilliant way of telling a story in the most “round the houses” fashion. As a result, he comes across as an infectiously happy go lucky guy that seems suitably thrilled to have stumbled into the middle of a superhero movie.

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