Popcorn Games

Here at Empire Popcorn Company, we know only too well that popcorn is great all year long. It’s amazing for parties making the perfect theme, it even has its own month (October) and it’s own day too (January 19).

It’s great for camping trips, after school programmes and of course, movie nights at home. For most though, thinking of ways to use popcorn, other than putting it straight in your mouth can be a little struggle. Thankfully, here at Empire, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you to incorporate popcorn into family fun, from games to arts and crafts.

Fun and games with popcorn

Popcorn relay races – this is great for kids parties. All it takes are two large bowls of popcorn and some smaller cups. Then have the kids run with a cupful of popcorn and transfer it to the bowl that’s sitting on the other side of the room.

The first team to finish wins, it’s that simple. With the potential for a lot of popcorn mess, it might be a great idea to play outside however, considering good old British weather, you may have more chance of playing indoors while keeping a hoover on standby.

Popcorn race

This game’s also pretty easy to put together too. All you need is a clean wooden or linoleum floor. Give each player a straw and then have them choose one piece of popped popcorn. Then the race is on! Each player must blow their piece of popcorn all the way to the end of the floor or wherever you choose to drawer the line. The first one to reach the end is the winner. This will really get the kids excited.

Popcorn guessing game

This one’s great for kids who love everything as well as the fussy ones. You’ll get a few squirming faces if the wrong flavour is picked out. All you need to do is either prepare a few different flavours of popcorn in separate bowls, or if it’s easier simply buy a few different gourmet popcorn flavours from us here at Empire Popcorn Company.

Once you have all the popcorn ready and waiting, then you’ll need to blindfold the kids ready for a taste test. Then have them guess which flavour they’ve got. You might want to ask the parents before throwing in a spicy flavour first.

Popcorn toss

Label lots of plastic buckets with numbers like 1, 5 and 10. Then place the buckets in a vertical line or triangle with numbers running from small to large. The players should stand in a designated line and then toss popcorn into the buckets. Add up their scores at the end according to how much popcorn they got in each scored bucket. The winner is the one with the highest score at the end. This is also great when played in teams.

Popcorn drama game

Ask all players to put themselves into a spot and squat position. The leader of the game will then take all the children through the task. Everyone needs to pretend to be a piece of popcorn in a big pan. While low down on the floor, they need to pretend to begin to pop as they slowly heat up.

The pan gets hotter and hotter and as it does, their “pops” get bigger and bigger. The players need to pop by jumping up and clapping their hands above their heads, shouting ‘pop’ as loud as they can. Make sure the children understand they need to start their popping gradually and in the end, the popping should stop. You can also create a variation of this by asking what they would do if the popcorn were to start burning. Here they’ll need to start ‘sizzling’ around the room.

Arts and crafts with popcorn

Popcorn art

Put out a nice pile of popcorn, sufficiently cooled of course and then give all of the children construction paper and art supplies. Then simply challenge them to come up with the most creative piece of art they can with the supplies they have. Instead of choosing just one winner, why not treat all the children to some delicious gourmet popcorn for their efforts?

Popcorn collage

For this you’ll need coloured glue, paper and popcorn. The more colours you can provide the children in both glue and paper, the better. Let their imaginations run wild as they paint a picture and press the popcorn onto the painted parts. As with the popcorn art above, we suggest instead of picking just one winner, let them all win some delicious Empire popcorn for taking part.

Decorate popcorn bags

This is probably one of the most creative of the popcorn arts and crafts games for the simple fact that the children get to use their creation afterwards too. For this you’ll need to purchase plain paper bags or even plain popcorn cups. Then it’s just a matter of letting the children enjoy themselves creatively with as many different materials as possible, from crayons to paint, markers to pencils and even stickers and glitter. The choice is entirely yours, it all depends on how messy you’re willing to let it get. There’s just one rule, whichever design they want to create, is up to them but they have to include the word popcorn to make it nice and clear that they’re popcorn bags or cups. Finally, when they’ve finished, and all designs have dried sufficiently, it’s time to fill them with popcorn and let them enjoy it out of their own bags and cups! What could be better?

For more information, or to order the most delicious gourmet popcorn around, contact us today here at Empire Popcorn Company.