Once upon a time a little girl by the name of Tia asked her mother could she go the fair. Her mother agreed and the very next weekend she took Tia to the fair and let her go on many of the rides.  She went on the Construction Zone, Monkey Jump, Fun Slide, Tea Cups and Bumper cars.

Tia was so excited and wore a very big smile all day long. Towards the end of the day Tia asked her mother could she taste the pink stuff on the stick. Her mother looked to see what Tia was pointing at and seen the Candy Floss Supplier offering candyfloss bags too.

Tia walked across with her mum to the Floss man as he moved the stick around the bowl covering the stick with sticky sweet candyfloss. Tia thought it was scrumptious and weeks later asked her mum could she buy her some candyfloss. “Where would I buy it from” replied her mum. Tia sighed and replied “online of course.”

Both Tia and her mother looked online and searched for candy floss supplies and found Empire Popcorn. All of her family now shop online and purchase candy floss and popcorn too.

Candy Floss Supplies