Could popcorn be a healthy snack choice during pregnancy?

When a woman falls pregnant, whether it’s her first or last child that she’s about to carry the emphasis automatically goes on her health. A healthy body as they say equals a healthy and happy baby and of course, numerous health professionals will be quick to point out just what she should and shouldn’t be eating. What might surprise you is one of the exceedingly healthy snacks that women are now encouraged to eat during pregnancy.

There are a number of foods to stay away from during pregnancy

While a host of foods are now struck from the list, including soft cheeses, rare red meats, shellfish and soft eggs there are now a number of other foods that are encouraged. Dairy products are something that are hugely encouraged due to the high concentration of calcium. Calcium happens to be one of the key elements within a pregnancy diet especially when the baby begins to need more as its bones form and harden. Within dairy products there are also high amounts of vitamin D as well as protein, making milk and certain hard cheeses vitally important for the development of the newborn and the health of the mother.

During pregnancy women are also encouraged to eat avocados as they offer a wide variety of benefits. Avocados happen to contain a great amount of folic acid that’s beneficial for the proper development of neural tube development and the prevention of spina bifida. The vitamin C within the fruit also stimulates a healthy immune system whilst the vitamin B can help ward off morning sickness as well as improve tissue development in your unborn child.

Sea salt is another surprisingly well encouraged food. Most people tend to stay away from salt to improve their health but sea salt happens to have a very important element known as Iodine, that’s required for proper foetal development. As most women are advised to stay away from sushi due to the raw fish, sea salt is the next best thing for providing vital iodine in the diet. 

Popcorn is considered the perfect snack during pregnancy

Despite some women no doubt being surprised with these foods being encouraged during pregnancy, we have one more that’s guaranteed to really shock you and that happens to be popcorn. Yes, you read that right, popcorn is considered the perfect snack during pregnancy and it’s all because of the fact that it’s a pure and simple whole grain. It doesn’t make it on to many lists and for some, will always be known as the ultimate movie snack however popcorn is surprisingly healthy.

Excess amounts of butter and toffee flavouring may hamper its health benefits somewhat however there are numerous flavourings out there that guarantee a seriously tasty and very healthy snack indeed. This is all because popcorn has a significantly high level of fibre as well as vitamin E. it also contains a lot of selenium and more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. With these ingredients, popcorn happens to be a vital food for protecting the development and strength of your unborn child’s cell membranes.

We supply popcorn in numerous flavours to suit your pregnancy

Here at Empire we have a number of flavours to suit your pregnancy needs such as our sea salt and cracked black pepper popcorn. This particular flavour has a real kick to it with its crunchy spicy sea salt and the cracked black pepper savoury flavouring. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this gourmet flavour that tastes sensational and also offers the benefits of sea salt for your unborn child too. If you like a crunch as well as a sumptuous savoury after taste then we think this would be the perfect choice.

Why not try our Hot Madras Popcorn

If it’s something a little different that you’re after then we suggest giving our Hot Madras a try too. The Hot Madras popcorn is ideal for the lovers of heat. If you love your Indian curries on a Saturday night but want to avoid the fats within the curry sauce then give this flavour a whirl. It guarantees to give you all the sumptuous flavours of your favourite curry as well as the health benefits of popcorn. This one is crunchy with a savoury Madras after taste so not only do you get great flavours but you can avoid the higher calorie and fat content that may come with some butter flavours.

Lemon flavour popcorn

If your taste buds have changed somewhat during pregnancy and spice is no longer your thing then why not try our new delicious lemon flavoured popcorn. The citrus flavours will have your mouth watering and your baby enjoying all the whole grain goodness of the popcorn.

Better still if you find yourself struggling to pick a flavour then why not purchase our bags of unpopped kernels. These are ideal for storing at home and popping a cup full as and when you fancy. You can either keep things super healthy by eating completely plain popcorn, allowing yourself and your baby to enjoy the pure and simple benefits of whole grain popcorn or just add your own flavouring. This method is ideal for pregnant women that find their taste buds changing the further along their pregnancy they move. It doesn’t matter if you fancy something sweet, savoury or something completely way out there because it will be solely down to you what you put on it.

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