Empire Candyfloss cannot be beatenYou can’t beat Empire’s Candyfloss

I think we can all remember it can’t we? The days when the travelling fair would come in to town for the annual town show? The excitement would be immense thinking of the exhilarating rides, the entertainment and all the treats we could eat.

Picking out our best outfits, we’d run as fast as our legs would take us (and as far as our mums would let us go ahead) to the front gates, hopping on our toes just to see past the crowds.

The feel of the grass underneath our feet mixed with the noise of laughter and the lights on the rides…and then we’d see it, the small one man stand, surrounded by what felt like dozens and dozens of other kids, all eager for a taste of the light pink fluffy stuff. With puppy dog eyes we’d turn to mum and dad and beg for a bag of the soft fluffy treat.

Yes, I think everyone can remember just how much they loved Candyfloss as a kid. But if you loved it so much back then, why aren’t you enjoying it now you don’t have to ask for it?

Perhaps one of the reasons being, that so many people wouldn’t have the first clue where to buy candyfloss if a fair wasn’t in town, but now you do. At Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company, a family focussed business in Cheshire in the north west of England; they not only supply the best gourmet popcorn around but also supply the most delicious Candyfloss you’ve ever tasted.

Not satisfied with supplying fresh hand-made candyfloss in Cheshire, Empire pride themselves on providing the best tasting candyfloss supplies UK wide. Delivering original fresh fairground candyfloss to not just commercial buyers such as the shops, leisure centres and theatres they supply but also to the general public. Available via their website, you can indulge your inner child and order the soft and tasty treat straight to your door.

In a delicious sweet pink colour, you’ll never find better Candyfloss supplies in the UK guaranteed. Empire are so sure of that, they’ve even introduced their own money back guarantee. So if you’re not completely happy with the wonderful taste of their original fairground candyfloss, then you can get all your money back, every penny. What better way to show just how good their product is?

So what are you waiting for? Shake up your children’s parties and put aside the boring tortilla chips and chocolate bars, and while you’re at it, perhaps slip a bag or two away in a cupboard for yourself, check out Empire Popcorn and Confectionary’s most delicious treat yet, sweet soft and fluffy Candyfloss.