sweet popcorn UK

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we pride ourselves on supplying healthy sweet popcorn UK wide. Using the best possible ingredients which also helps us stay within the “green friendly” policies, we know our popcorn isn’t harmful, just simply delicious. But what about other popcorn on the market, such as microwave popcorn?

Quick and convenient, it’s a simple way to provide a tasty quick treat for yourself or the kids but is it as good for you as most or are there possibly harmful facts to take into consideration? Here are the five things we consider to be dangerous when it comes to microwave popcorn.


The manufacturers line the microwave bags with a thin coat of a chemical which breaks down during the microwave process to form perfluorooctanoic. Better known as PFOA, this chemical is a likely agent directly involved in causing cancer. Quite worrying that it’s now contained in the food that we eat.


A chemical called Diacetyl used to give microwave popcorn its delicious buttery taste, it also has links to the condition known as “popcorn workers lung”. Whether or not someone eating just a couple of bags a week would fall victim to bronchiolitis obliterans is yet to be answered, however, who really wants to take the risk. If exposed over time, would it cause a gradual build up and thus cause problems later on in life?


Logical yet still causing harm to people around the globe, when microwave popcorn first comes out of the microwave and is opened, steam ultimately pours out. This can and has been known to catch people out and cause steam burns and scalds to the hands and face.

Damage to teeth

Most bags, even when the microwave makes the longed for “bing” still have some unpopped kernels that remain. These can be so hard in fact that they have been known to cause people to chip and crack teeth when then chew on them without realising. They’ve also been known to get stuck in between teeth and cause irritation to the gum.

High fat, salt and calorie content

In spite of numerous “diet clubs” branding popcorn as the healthy alternative when snacking, when it comes to microwave popcorn with its additives and preservatives, this simply isn’t the case. It’s also usually a case that microwave popcorn can contain a huge amount of fat and calories, more than your average allowance for one meal. This sounds far from healthy.

Here at Empire, our popcorn supplies UK based are made with the utmost care, using quality ingredients that not only help planet earth but also create a healthy delicious snack. Even our Candyfloss UK brand is hand made, and really, what more could you want?