Fun and quirky facts about popcorn

Your popcorn companies fun and quirky facts about popcorn...

The number one popcorn company

If, like a number of different businesses across the UK, you’re looking for confectionary and popcorn companies to supply your business with quality sellable merchandise, then here at Empire Popcorn, we advise you to stop the search, because you’ve found them.

At Empire we strive to produce the best popcorn and candy floss we can, we do this by adding the healthiest and best ingredients possible along with making things fresh and in some cases, by hand.

UK based popcorn company

Like numerous other popcorn companies UK based however, we find there are a lot of potential customers who just don’t know enough about the delicious snack, writing it off as an American fad that’s only found in the cinema, often causing them to opt for another type of snack to sell, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Empire popcorn are taking the UK by storm

Here at Empire popcorn, we’re taking the UK by storm, and we’re here to stay, so for those who aren’t too familiar with the snack, we thought we’d give you a few fun facts to get the juices flowing and introduce you to the delightful, the delicious, the delectable…popcorn.

Popcorn is one seriously popular snack and a fantastic addition to numerous different venues, so if you’re looking for popcorn boxes WHOLESALE then simply give us a call and tell us exactly what you want. Here at Empire, we love our popcorn and we hope that soon, you do too.