Here at Empire we provide the best popcorn supplies in the UK

Here at Empire we’ve made it our life long mission to dominate the market when it comes to popcorn supplies in the UK. Not only has our company been in the same hands for well over a decade but we’re also the most green friendly popcorn and confectionary company here too. Most importantly we believe our gourmet popcorn and fresh hand made fairground candyfloss is the absolute best you can get. If you’re not completely familiar with what we have on offer here at Empire then here’s a run down of the fabulous popcorn flavours and melt in your mouth candyfloss available for you to try.


Although we do enjoy making waves with new and original flavour ideas, we know it’s just as important to pay homage to the traditional things in life and keep them alive. Only here at Empire, being the way we are and enjoying the finest ingredients we’ve made even the most traditional of flavours exciting. Of course we have wonderful Toffee popcorn with a mouth watering flavour that once you try, you’ll never be able to give up.

Then there’s our delicious sweet popcorn that’s loved and adored across the UK but here at Empire we thought we’d put a little spin on the classic sweet flavourings. Offering a little something different whilst still paying homage to the “traditional” title, we give you Strawberry Pink Sweet popcorn. With its faint pink hue and delicious subtle strawberry flavour, this delicious popcorn is perfect for any girls night in or sweet princess’ party.


It’s our savoury popcorn that we’re probably best known for. Offering thebest gourmet flavours that you’ll find in any of the popcorn companies in the UK. They’re all completely original too; the Americans may have begun with the experimentation of gourmet popcorn flavours but we grabbed the bull by the horns and took it that bit further. If you love your spicy food then you’ll be our new biggest fan with our three spicy options.

Beginning with Hot Madras that offers the spice you’d usually enjoy along with a wonderful Indian aftertaste. Then there’s Spicy Thai, so hot and spicy in fact that you’ll find it hard to handle unless you’re a seasoned pro and last but not least, let’s not forget the amazing Sweet and Spicy Jamaican flavour. On top of these blow-your-mind options we’ve also got Butter Salt along with Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.


Although we might specialise in popcorn, it’s not our only love. It’s actually our Candyfloss that’s our best seller. Maybe it has something to do with its amazing fresh taste and the fact that it’s completely hand made unlike the processed stuff you get from the supermarket. It’s the best you’ll taste in the UK that’s for sure.