Home movie night with our incredible popcorn flavours

With summer slowly disappearing and the dark nights drawing in, it can mean only one thing and that’s home movie nights and lots of them. You can enjoy spending time with friends, neighbours and all the family too by hosting the best autumn movie night filled with food, fun and irreplaceable memories that you’ll treasure forever. If you’re feeling particularly select you could make it a movie night for the immediate family only; if their name isn’t down then they’re not coming in - just don’t forget the popcorn for everyone.

The place to start is obviously with the invitations. You could just tell people by word of mouth but what makes an occasion more exciting than when you receive a rather special invitation? Start by giving those who will be invited the start time of the event but also the time you’ll be screening the movie. That way if people are running late they’ll know when to be extra quiet when walking in. It makes it even more like a real cinema too.

Of course the next issue is picking the perfect film. If there are more than two of you it can be a little difficult choosing a film that everyone will like so it’s best to go with the majority. If there’s a special occasion surrounding your movie night such as Christmas or a Sports event then why not choose a film that might be related in some way. Give your night a special theme and see the excitement rise. If not then we suggest making a few different choices and simply deciding by show of hands when everyone has arrived. A fun way of doing it may be to include a choice of three or four films on the invitation and allow people to vote when they RSVP – we bet you’ll get some very speedy replies that way too.

There is just one final decision to make and that’s your choice of snack. Now we’re not talking crisps and chocolate here, rather flavours of popcorn. There’s a reason that popcorn is the most popular snack when it comes to movies and that’s down to its irresistible flavour and crunch as well as it coming in easy to eat bites. Movie nights and popcorn are the perfect combination.

To make things easier and please everyone why not try an assortment of flavours ranging from savoury options such as our spicy offerings and a few traditional flavours like salted or sweet popcorn. You could even give everyone a real treat and dish up a candyfloss dessert. For more information on our fabulous gourmet popcorn flavours just check out our website where we display absolutely all the flavours we have on offer. Give something new a try and host the best home movie night you’ll ever see with a helping hand from us here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company.