Is popcorn the healthiest and most popular snack of the century

People all over the world know all about the legend that is the kernel. When heated it completes the finest transformation into fluffy and delicious popcorn, the most readily consumable snack. Without that familiar smell as you walk through the doors, the cinema experience just wouldn’t be the same, nor would those oh so cosy movie nights on the sofa.

Although it has most certainly evolved over the years, did you know that popcorn is actually an ancient snack that archaeologists and scientists alike have been discovering as far back as nine thousand years? Now days when you scan the supermarket shelf you’ll be confronted with a wide selection of popcorn though none so impressive as ours here at Empire. Let’s just say there’s a reason we’re one of the biggest suppliers of popcorn in the UK.

The phenomenon of popcorn is most certainly mirroring that of crisps, when a decade ago it suddenly became exotic and somewhat gentrified. The public loved and adored it and have never looked back since. Unfortunately when it came to the lust of crisps, it meant the public also gained a lot of weight as a result too. Popcorn on the other hand is a healthy and fun snack; allow us to explain more.

It’s considered healthier than fruit and vegetables

Popcorn is indeed healthy. It’s also incredibly close to nature in that if it’s dry popped with no oils, fats or sugars present then you’re essentially just eating a wholegrain and nothing else. The facts speak for themselves too with a single portion of popcorn containing more antioxidants than all fruits and vegetables most people eat in a day. Antioxidants are great as they keep molecules that are harmful to our cells in check. Popcorn also contains a lot of vitamins like B,A,E and K along with a huge amount of iron, potassium, zinc and polyphenols. All of which contain cancer-fighting antioxidants. On top of this, a single cup of air popped corn has a mere 31 calories, compare that to a pack of salted crisps weighing in at around 128 calories and you can see why popcorn has suddenly become so attractive of late. Popcorn is quite clearly the better option.

Steer clear of the supermarket shelf and you’ll be doing great

Here at Empire we use only the very best ingredients when it comes to making our popcorn. We also do our utmost to avoid additives and anything that’s remotely related to them, leaving you to enjoy a tasty healthy snack. Even our candyfloss comes with a one month shelf life as we refuse to pump it with preservatives in order to make it last longer. Unfortunately as is the case with a lot of commercial popcorn brands that mass produce the product, they’re often chemically overloaded. It may taste ok (though we guarantee the quality isn’t comparable to the delicious popcorn we produce) but it’s also crammed full of unpleasant toxins and chemicals. What may be called butter is simply another chemical that you’ll be putting in your body. To be on the safe side we suggest simply buying our delicious hand made gourmet flavoured popcorn or better still why not try what we’re about to explain next?

Buy kernels from us and pop yourself

Many of us take popcorn for granted leaving us unaware of just what an amazing natural marvel it really is. The process is very aptly named because it really does pop like an overinflated balloon, the only difference is that instead of air, it’s superheated and pressurised causing the hull that’s full of steam to quite literally pop. It’s such a fun process too that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go and enjoy cooking it yourself. Here at Empire we supply bags of unpopped kernels ready for you to get your hands on as well as a number of different flavourings that you and your family will love. Better still you could even experiment with your own. All you need is a stove and a pan with a lid. It’s super cheap and super fun so why not give it a go with your children today?

It’s a great diet food

Hunger pangs are indeed a nuisance especially when you’re dieting, trying to lose weight or just simply trying your best to lead a healthier lifestyle. Popcorn in its light and fluffy form is a great way to banish those annoying cravings and give yourself a little health boost at the same time. As humans we need a wide range of foods to remain healthy but popcorn can most certainly be a big contributor to your overall health, whether you’re buying our gourmet popcorn or popping your own at home. Popcorn really does have so much to offer, not least its great ability when it comes to fending off those diet wrecking hunger pangs. This is in part due to its glycaemic index (GI) where it’s been highlighted as a good GI because it doesn’t cause a sudden spike in blood sugars leaving you feeling fuller for longer. With a GI of 55 it ranks high in the good snack guide especially when you compare this to two slices of white bread with a GI of 88. Don’t forget however that moderation is key when it comes to all foods and overindulgence could hinder its healthy reputation.

If you’d like more information on the amazing gourmet flavoured popcorn we hand make here at Empire or even our freshly made fairground candyfloss then just click here.