For some, delicious Popcorn is just a snack to be indulged in at the movies, but for others, when the word popcorn is mentioned, a whole manner of feelings and memories arise. Yes popcorn is mostly associated with the movies. Late night showings of the funny rom com you went to see with the girls, laughing and giggling all the way through, or perhaps that scary movie that wasn’t as scary as you made out, in the hopes he would slip his arm around your shoulders; until he did…you hid behind your popcorn.

You don't need a cinema to enjoy popcorn!

For others though, popcorn isn’t a snack that needs a special visit to the cinema to be enjoyed. For some it was and always has been a tasty snack that was either ordered in or prepared at home. Late evenings after dinner, the popcorn was brought out in bowls, sometimes if you were lucky a bowl each. And there until you felt sleepy, you sat and slowly made your way through the buttery popcorn, unless of course you preferred a different kind of flavour. But for these popcorn eaters, it wasn’t just about indulging in a treat after dinner, popcorn began to signal down time. When the popcorn came out, the socks came off. Feet were raised and trackie bottoms put on, and then you knew, it was time to relax.

Candyfloss and popcorn go hand in hand

Some people you ask however, don’t necessarily remember popcorn on it’s own. For some that delicious sweet popcorn came hand in hand with another equally moreish snack, Candyfloss. And where were they best known, you guessed it, the fair that came into town every year at the start of summer offering the exciting rides and dodgems along with freshly popped corn and handmade Candyfloss in every colour imaginable. The excitement and thrill they felt as a child seems to come back every time they taste it, taking them on a trip down memory lane, as if it were yesterday.

Enjoy summer evenings in the garden with our delicious popcorn

Here at Empire, we want to take you on that trip with our delicious traditional flavoured popcorn. But as well as this, we really want to give you new memories. Memories that you’ll create all over again with your children, so that when they grow up, the first thing they’ll think of when they taste popcorn or Candyfloss is you, when you bought them some of our gourmet flavoured popcorn for the first time. Summer evenings in the garden with bowls of Sea Salt popcorn, or even winter nights in front of the fire, getting warm from the inside with Hot Madras flavour.

So go ahead, create some new memories with your loved ones now with our delicious gourmet flavours, and share the stories that whirl through your mind with every bite.