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Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we like to constantly surprise our customers with new and exciting products. Great new flavours and exciting products are what keep us fresh and interesting for clients old and new and we think you’d agree that right now, it couldn’t be a more exciting time for us. From authentic bags, cones and other such containers to fabulous new flavours, here at Empire we’ve got it all. Lets start by taking a look at just some of our fabulous new popcorn flavours.

Popcorn is the new crisp

It’s no doubt been said many times that popcorn is the new crisp when it comes to snacks so it made perfect sense to make a new popcorn flavour that could rival that of the potato chip. One of the most popular and perhaps commonly known flavours when it comes to crisps has to be the rather sophisticated sour cream and chives and we think we’ve achieved this to a great level with our sour cream and chives flavoured popcorn. For those who usually enjoy their crisps with a little extra zing however then perhaps our salt and vinegar popcorn would be more suited?

Our new cheddar cheese flavoured sweet popcorn

That’s not all, we’ve got a delightful cheddar cheese flavoured sweet popcorn that’s enough to give a certain cheesy cracker snack a run for its money and by the sound of the reviews we’re getting, you guys couldn’t agree more. John Doyle from London has told us the new cheesy flavour has had his children more excited than ever. John also went on to say that as a parent, finding a suitable snack to give his children without the worry of high fat and calorie content was becoming difficult until he discovered our popcorn. He also said that offering them cheesy flavoured popcorn meant his children never suffered from cravings of the dreaded sweet tooth and he couldn’t be happier.

Our cheesy flavoured popcorn isn’t the only savoury delight we have on offer. We also have hot cinnamon that promises a tasty snack as delicious as any cinnamon flavoured cake you’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking for something a little extra then perhaps our bacon and cheese popcorn would do the trick? On top of this we have banana and vanilla flavoured popcorn too. These two flavours in particular have proven to be particularly popular at children’s parties. We’ve had several reviews from parents detailing their delight at a fruit flavoured snack that’s not only provided a healthier option snack wise but also made their children more adventurous in terms of eating real fruit every now and then too.

If you happen to be throwing a party for your adult friends then why not try our delicious Pina Colada flavoured popcorn. This flavour has most certainly gone down a storm especially when combined with our authentic popcorn cups giving people not only a delicious snack but also a trip down memory lane. Jacqui from Liverpool said the Pina Colada popcorn in particular was hugely popular at her last summer BBQ. With people growing tired of the usual chips and dip offerings or the same old chocolate, she wanted to offer something different that would not only excite her guests but have her parties talked about for weeks and weeks to follow and the Pina Colada popcorn achieved that with ease. Not only were her guests enjoying the snack of their childhood, swapping stories and reminiscing, they were also all hugely taken aback by the fantastic new flavouring.

We sell candyfloss online!

Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company it’s not just our popcorn that we’re well known for, in fact it’s not even our popcorn that happens to be our best seller. Our candyfloss has become hugely popular too over the years and because of this, we decided it was time to expand our candyfloss products. We all know when it comes to parties and gatherings, the snacks and food are really what lie at the heart of it but throw in a few added extras and you’ll often find your parties are talked about for years to come. So when it came to our hand made candyfloss, we couldn’t think of a better product to supply to our customers than authentic printed children’s party bags.

Pauline from Derby, who recently used them at her daughters 12th birthday party said they made the fairground theme all the more exciting and authentic. Pauline also purchased our paper cones too, which meant her guests not only had a choice of what to use but they found the experience all the more exciting. Her daughter has been the talk of the town ever since and Pauline has said she’s even heard some rather great comments from fellow parents. When it comes to serving your favourite snack however it doesn’t stop at candyfloss. Whether you choose to purchase freshly made popcorn or raw kernels to pop yourself, our authentic popcorn cups to serve in are nothing short of perfect. Guaranteed to make every serving even more magical than the last and as we mentioned before, perfect for the adults in the group too who enjoy the odd trip down memory lane.

We’re always thinking of new and exciting ways to not only improve our product line but add to it further so if you have any particularly exciting flavours you’d love to see us offer, why not contact us today and make the suggestion. We love to hear what our customers have to say, after all without you, there’d be no us.