Popcorn and candyfloss supplies the simple way

It would seem every six months there’s a new and exciting trend that people are jumping on and enjoying to their full advantage. Last year saw a number of different people hiring waiters for their party or event. The kudos that came with having your own staff was just divine and something to be admired. Quite simply if you had staff then you’d made it and could bask in the glory for weeks and weeks to follow. Not long after that however a new trend emerged, something quite different but a trend all the same. This one came in the form of a photo booth. For some this is still going strong and might possibly continue until the vast majority have enjoyed its effects.

With people enjoying trying on the different accessories of big outlandish hats and glasses and pulling funny faces for the camera, the photo booth was a clear winner making any party’s atmosphere instantly exciting. Though it would seem that photo booths are now being kicked to the curb for something completely different altogether. Offering a trip down memory lane for the adults and the fun of watching it being made for the kids, popcorn and candyfloss booths making fresh treats would appear to be the next big thing. The question we should be asking ourselves however, does it really require us hiring machines in order to get fresh popcorn and candyfloss supplies?

Great quality and fresh tasting popcorn or candyfloss

For some the cost of hiring machines as well as the staff to man them is quite simply unachievable. With costs ranging anywhere from £100 to £200 plus, it isn’t something to be taken lightly. This is without considering whether you have the room for such contraptions. Does that mean however that you can’t enjoy great quality and fresh tasting popcorn or candyfloss? Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we’d like to answer that with an unequivocal NO.

At Empire we pride ourselves on the great quality and amazingly fresh tasting popcorn and candyfloss we supply up and down the country. With our gourmet popcorn ranging from hot and spicy flavours to sweet and salty traditional kinds, we know there’s something for everyone. Our candyfloss is also highly desired, being hand made fresh with an unbeatable taste, we really believe there’s nothing else out there like it.

So the next time you’re thinking of having the party to remember, why not think of us here at Empire. You could give your guests the great tasting delights of our fresh produce and save hundreds of pounds in the process. Buy candy floss and popcorn online and you never know, you could save yourself enough money to hire a photo booth too. Then you really would be the talk of the town.