Popcorn companies show the future for popcorn with gourmet flavours

If we asked you where the last place was that you enjoyed a nice big bucket of popcorn could you remember? Could you set the scene complete with every detail in your head? Maybe you were snuggled in the back row of the cinema with a loved one trying quietly to share the crunchy popcorn you’d just treated yourself to when you bought the film tickets. Better yet perhaps you were sat shifting in your seat, just waiting to jump up and scream the very moment your favourite team scored.

It could have even been the last time you visited your local leisure centre, it made a great treat for the kids and yourself after a big splash around in the pool. Now if we asked you what flavour it was, could you remember? This one’s probably the easy answer isn’t it because it seems no matter where you go now, you get either salted or sweet and that’s about it. Times are changing however and it’s popcorn companies like ourselves here at Empire that are lighting the way for a rather exciting future for popcorn. Sweet and salted aren’t all you’ll have to choose from anymore because we’re bringing gourmet flavours to the forefront. Be warned, once you’ve gone gourmet, you won’t be going back.

The USA first brought us gourmet flavours

Popcorn has been around for generations and generations but the idea of gourmet popcorn is a whole lot newer. It was the wonderful United States of America that first brought us gourmet flavours. These included new and wonderful additions such as Wasabi and Sweet Ginger, Peanut Satay and even Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup. The public lapped it up and if they weren’t going crazy for the wonderful flavours of strawberry cheesecake, they were doing all they could to get their hands on caramel or gingerbread popcorn.

As with everything we do in the UK however it was a case of getting our hands on it and making it even better and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Gourmet Popcorn, especially here at Empire. We grabbed it by the horns and really made a go of things and as a result gourmet flavoured popcorn has taken the UK by storm.

Here at Empire we have a range of Traditional and Savoury options and we guarantee that no matter what side your tastebuds lean toward, we’ll have a flavour that you’ll find irresistible. What’s more you don’t need to wait until you visit the cinema or your local leisure centre to enjoy them because now you can rather conveniently buy popcorn online and have it delivered straight to your door nearly anywhere in the UK. Here at Empire we pride ourselves on being one of the best gourmet popcorn companies around so give us a try, we guarantee you won’t find better tasting popcorn.