enjoy Popcorn watching spy movie

Popcorn and movies are quite simply a no-brainer right? There have even been studies into our favourite film night accompaniment that have shown eating popcorn makes the movie experience 63.7% better than watching it without popcorn. Ok so these may not have been the most scientific of studies, but hey, do we really need any?

Everyone and their aunt knows popcorn is the best way to improve any movie-watching experience however, your standard butter or salted popcorn may not be the best match for the movie you’re watching which is why we thought we’d bring you the ultimate “popcorn at the movies” review. Not only will we be reviewing a great film as part of our Empire Popcorn Monthly Movie Reviews but we’ll also be giving you the perfect popcorn pairing. Today’s “popcorn at the movies” review will be about a Melissa McCarthy favourite in the form of “Spy”. So put your feet up and prepare for the perfect popcorn and movie combo.

Spy, a perfect popcorn and movie combo

With recent misfires like “Tammy” and “Identity Thief”, you’d be forgiven for thinking this latest effort for the American comedian would be another fail. Thanks to Melissa McCarthy’s indestructible charm and comic buoyancy, this film is firing on all cylinders. “Spy” is a roaring laughter-inducing, globe trotting action packed comedy from start to finish. McCarthy plays an eager to please desk jockey turned CIA agent who not only learns to wield a gun but deliver some killer one liners. Admittedly, Susan Cooper (McCarthy), an analyst stuck working in the basement at CIA HQ doesn’t seem too wired for action. She does however, seem super interested in the James Bond type character Bradley Fine, played by Jude Law.

Fine’s secret weapon however, turns out to be Cooper as she guides him through maze after maze, helping him escape from a number of close calls. Sadly for Cooper, Fine is suddenly assassinated by an arms dealer named Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) who happens to know the identity of all CIA agents and intends to kill them all. To enter the field without detection, Cooper is put forward, much to the anger of Richard Ford (Jason Statham – who also happens to be superb at sending up his own meathead persona).

Cooper is sent to Paris on a track-and-report mission with the intention of finding out information on Rayne and possibly Sergio De Luca (Bobby Cannavale), a terrorist who’s looking to buy the nuke for Al Qaeda related reasons. The agency’s own version of Q fills Cooper’s pockets with a number of high tech gadgets, all of which are disguised as hemorrhoid cream, stool softeners and other such products. Her fake identity is assigned as a frumpy Midwestern tourist, much to Cooper’s disappointment. Eventually, Cooper’s mission takes her from Paris to Rome to Budapest guided by the much loved Nancy (Miranda Hart) and accompanied most of the time by Aldo (Peter Searfinowicz).

Eventually, after one mishap too many, Cooper is forced to pass herself off as Rayna’s personal bodyguard that brings about a ravishing makeover that seems to have become McCarthy’s trademark. More importantly, it allows Cooper’s head-butting, expletive-throwing personality to come out in full force, something she didn’t even know she was capable of. Whether she’s dangling from a helicopter, or slamming a metal pot over the head of an angry assassin, McCarthy’s performance is a never-ending series of hilarious moments. For all of her verbal abuse and physically comical moments, there’s also some real emotion in this film too as she realises her own inner worth. In terms of this being an action comedy hybrid, “Spy” seems to get the balance almost perfect. Even when the violence catches you off guard, it still manages to work perfectly as they all manage to avoid the surreal silliness of any “Austin Powers” moments.

In keeping with this, the actors have completely mastered the art of inhabiting two very different worlds all at the same time, throwing out their funniest lines without breaking character. McCarthy has emerged as a comedic powerhouse in “Bridesmaids” and “Neighbours” and this film sees her as no less brilliant with her bright lips and coiffed hair. Jason Statham also provides a little lighthearted comedy, mocking his usual tough image to perfection all the while trying to convince Cooper she isn’t cut out for the role, all the while causing problem after problem.

Jude Law, who was clearly enjoying playing Bond for the day brings an extra dose of celeb power to an already awesome cast. The films wonderfully scenic locations across the globe and spy-thriller orientation have brought forward a highly polished film for a studio comedy, perfect for any Friday night POPCORN and MOVIE session.

The perfect popcorn and movie combo

Now while we could tell you that a night in with this film would be a night well spent, we know only too well that any movie night isn’t complete without quality popcorn so as promised, here’s our perfect popcorn and movie combo advice. With the film being such a fun thrill ride from start to finish we decided that a regular or even original type flavouring wouldn’t quite be enough. No, this film needs something a little extra in the form of spice. For this MOVIE and POPCORN NIGHT, we recommend some delicious Spicy Thai Popcorn. This spicy popcorn is guaranteed to match even the most foul mouthed moment in this film, and will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Have a fantastic PoPCorN FILLED MoVie NIGhT guys! Until next time…enjoy!