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When it comes to popcorn and candyfloss, as much as we love the treats, a little over indulgence can leave us wanting something a little different, so here at Empire popcorn manufacturers, we thought we’d give you two different ideas or recipes that you can use with our awesome gourmet popcorn and candyfloss.

Popcorn ice cream cones

Firstly, we have the Popcorn ice cream cones. An absolute beauty of a treat that not only tastes great but also looks awesome at parties and can even be packaged in cellophane, tied with ribbon and given out as party gifts. What more could you want from a recipe. First begin with one of our sweet flavoured popcorn, perhaps something like our strawberry sweet popcorn (even better because it has hints of pink already in it).

Use sugar ice cream cones

Then you’ll need some sugar ice cream cones. Now it’s up to you but we think it adds a little extra zing if you fill the cones half way with something like jelly babies or some kind of chocolate. It gives an extra surprise that kids just love.

Marshmallows and butter

Then you’ll need to melt a bowl full of marshmallows and butter together (roughly the same amount in size as your popcorn), this will create the sticky goodness that will hold the popcorn together on top of your cone. When this is melted into a white looking heaven, you can pour it onto your popcorn and mix it altogether.

Finish off with sprinkles

Once it’s looking even, simply grab chunks out and roll in your hands into ice cream scoop shapes, and gently place into the cones. Then if you really want to go that extra step a quick roll in sprinkles will really finish it off.

Candyfloss Cupcakes

When it comes to our candyfloss, a little bit of imagination goes a long way, as does presentation. For parties and just whenever you fancy it, candyfloss cupcakes are great. And they couldn’t be simpler too. All it takes is a simple cupcake recipe, some of our delicious Candyfloss supplies UK and some sweet icing. It works best if the icing matches the cupcakes too.

All you need to do is...

All you need to do is simply add bits of candyfloss to the mix when you have made the batter for the cakes, rip off chunks of the sweet fluffy treat and throw in, then stir. Make sure you don’t over stir as this could ruin the batter. Once that’s done, bake and ice as normal. It couldn’t be simpler and they’ll go down a storm at children’s parties.

Best popcorn manufacturers UK 

We hope you have fun with our suggestions, and really enjoy our candyfloss and popcorn. Remember, for the best popcorn manufacturers UK based, just visit us at Empire where we can supply a range of gourmet popcorn flavours and delicious handmade cotton candy, ready for all your sweet treat needs.