We like to think at Empire that our products don’t just give you a delicious mouth-watering taste but also provide you with a wonderful trip down memory lane. And no product of ours does it quite so well than our extra tasty and completely original Candyfloss. With every delicious bite of the sweet and fluffy stuff, you can find yourself whisked back to your childhood, walking hand in hand with mum or dad at the local fairground.

With the huge, usually pink or blue, candyfloss, as big your head, woven thickly around the wooden stick, never seeming to get any smaller and with each and every bite more and more would get stuck around your mouth. Becoming stickier by the minute, as would your hands but tasting sweeter and sweeter each time. You never wanted it to end, but it always did much to your disappointment and like most people it’s a time you look back on now with fondness, a time with a lot less responsibility and when life wasn’t quite so serious. But now, thanks to our fabulous family focussed company, the best Candyfloss Supplier UK wide, we can take you back there with each and every order you make.

With our traditional handmade fairground Candyfloss you can enjoy those priceless trips down memory lane as often as you want. No more waiting for the local town show or cinema trip because we’ll deliver straight to your door so prepare for nights in watching movies to be a lot more exciting.

Available in different colours as well as a variety of purchase options, big or small, making it even perfect for bigger occasions like weddings, parties and huge corporate events, your staff will be falling over their feet to try it. So why not give it a go and use us here at Empire.

Providing perhaps the best candyfloss supplies in the UK, we take a huge amount of pride in our product and do our absolute best to give it the best possible taste, so much so that we even warn customers that it’s limited to a one month shelf life, this keeps that freshness at a real peak.

We believe in its quality so much so that we let every single customer know about our cast iron money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with it, then you get every single penny back, now that’s confidence right there. So what are you waiting for, try the best candyfloss in the UK and prepare to be wowed.

Though be careful, we’ve been told it’s a little on the moreish side. Empire Popcorn and confectionary company, the absolute best when it comes to the sweet treats in life.