Sweet Popcorn

When people hear the word snack, the first thing that perhaps springs to mind are tortilla chips, famous worldwide, used for dipping into sour crème or maybe spicy salsa. Then for the ones that go that extra step, perhaps they’ll add in some chocolate or the odd biscuit or two. All sounds very boring doesn’t it, same old snacks and the same old “bits” that get put into bowls and thrown out on the table when people spring up out of know where and interrupt your lazy Sunday afternoon.

And quite possibly the same old food that you used to get excited about munching on for your weekly movie fest, cuddled up on the sofa in the your comfy trackies, but now, well now you’re starting to find them all a bit ‘been there done that’ so why not change it up?

Loved the world over by everyone and their aunt, it’s sweet, it’s delicious and it’s the perfect snack for kids and grown-ups too… so who wants sweet popcorn? Available in so many different gourmet flavours now, coming in both savoury and sweet, it’s something you can never get tired of.

Considered the ultimate movie snack, its little wonder you never thought of it before. It’s origin dates back to the 1500’s but it was first hugely popular in America when cinemas first became an attraction, it wasn’t until after the demise of the cinema due to TV’s in the home, that popcorn began to flourish as an at home snack.

Now popcorn is amazing at parties, as well as for your own indulgence on those quieter nights, it really does seem time to put the chips and dip to bed.

So what do you do now, where do you go? Well you could always visit your local supermarket for some dry, cardboard tasting popcorn, or you could perhaps go the best suppliers of sweet popcorn UK wide? At Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company, they make fresh handmade popcorn with only the very finest ingredients. Using only additive free fine sea salt along with only top quality rapeseed oil means their popcorn is not only healthier but it also helps them meet and embrace their ‘green friendly’ policies, so healthy and ethical, though those are just two minor reasons to give them a try. The very best perhaps and the most obvious is the superb taste.

Providing the tastiest sweet popcorn around, you couldn’t possibly be disappointed. Empire Popcorn are so sure of that, they even offer a 100% satisfaction or your entire money back guarantee. So why not give it whirl, see what they have to offer and try for yourself, that’s if you can decide which flavour you want, we challenge you to walk away with only one.