The popcorn business is booming in India, with bulk popcorn sales & healthy margins.

Bulk PopcornIn NEW DELHI here is a business that's got some serious crackle and pop! India is all about bulk popcorn with double-digit growth rates and healthy margins.

Movie watchers are munching on popcorn in bulk. Popcorn has become a sizzling business in India growing 10% annually. A recent study of the bulk popcorn business produced enough evidence to support the claim that heating corn kernels is, well, a hot business.

PVR, India's leading multiplex chain with close to 400 screens in 90 locations, sells on average 18,000 popcorn tubs daily. Popcorn sales are growing very fast and 70% of multiplex revenues come from popcorn and soft drinks.

The popcorn industry has margins that the wildest movie script can't dream of. Wholesale popcorn and popcorn for corporate events is a huge business now as entrepreneurs are investing in bulk popcorn at home in the Uk and abroad.