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UK’s leading popcorn manufacturers Empire Popcorn

Monday, 3 November 2014 12:30:33 Europe/London


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Empire popcorn manufacturers ask why we eat popcorn at the cinema

A little light reading into the history of popcorn and you’ll see that our favourite movie snack of choice wasn’t always so welcome whilst we enjoyed the latest blockbuster, so why is it so popular now? Here at Empire, UK popcorn manufacturers we look into why we eat so much popcorn at the cinema.

By 1848 popcorn was indeed the snack of choice

After popcorn had exploded onto the scene in North America it spread like wild fire. Eaters found the art of popping the corn massively entertaining and by 1848 popcorn was indeed the snack of choice. It had quite literally popped everywhere and was available in every entertainment site from the circus to the fair. There was only one entertainment site where our beloved popcorn was absent and that was at the movies. Movie theatres quite simply felt that popcorn was beneath them. Doing their best to replicate what the real theatres of the time were doing by laying plush red carpet and rugs, the thought of popcorn being ground into them just didn’t appeal. Nor did the distracting noise of snacking during a film. Movie theatres were desperately trying to appeal to a highbrow clientele and popcorn just wouldn’t do.

During the Great Depression movies and popcorn finally came together

1927 brought along a change however when theatres finally added sound to their films. This brought with it a wider clientele as it meant literacy was no longer a barrier when it came to watching them. In just three years the attendance to movie theatres had reached a huge 90 million a week and with such large amounts of people came a much larger possibility for profits, especially because the sound now muffled the snacking noise. It was during the Great Depression that movies and popcorn finally came together to form the partnership we all know and love. Looking for a very cheap diversion, people flocked to the cinema and at only 5 to 10 cents a bag popcorn became just about the only luxury that people could afford. Popping their own kernels instead of buying in from popcorn companies were a cheap alternative for theatres and often a $10 bag of kernels would last for years.

Popcorn isn’t just popular in the USA

Fast forward a few years and popcorn isn’t just popular in the USA but is hugely popular here in the UK too. Theatres and cinemas don’t just sell the snack anymore, they push for it to be bought by advertising it from the minute you walk through the doors until the very second the film begins. It’s even become a firm favourite at home for those very much loved DVD nights.

If you’re thinking of grabbing some popcorn to indulge in at home then look no further than us here at Empire Popcorn Manufacturers. Our gourmet flavoured popcorn can be delivered to almost anywhere in the UK so all you need to do is decide on what flavour you fancy trying. Will it be traditional or maybe something a little different?

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