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Why do we provide the best popcorn supplies in the UK?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 10:41:48 Europe/London

Why do we provide the best popcorn supplies in the UK

Here at Empire we’re very proud of not just our amazing quality popcorn supplies but the reputation we’ve gained for great customer service while providing our healthy eco friendly snack. In this day and age when most customer service is simply dealt with via an electronic questionnaire and nothing else, we find it vital that we still offer our customer service line for when customers want to speak to us direct.

There really is nothing so frustrating as when you wish to leave a review or even a complaint about a product yet can’t get through to someone. Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company, we not only take your calls direct but we also deal with each and every query with the urgency you think it deserves.

We absolutely love to hear your reviews about our products and find it even more exciting when fans of our gourmet flavoured popcorn or delicious candyfloss phone to ask if we’d consider stocking yet more incredible snacks. The fact that you enjoy the service you receive so much that you’d like to keep all of your Internet snack purchases solely with us is a huge compliment.

On top of this we’re incredibly passionate about sticking to certain green policies with our snack preparation. We only have one planet so it’s best we look after the one we have as much as we can. To help with this we use rapeseed oil in all of our popcorn manufacture processes. This is for the simple fact that rapeseed oil is far less impacting on the rainforest than products such as palm oil or soy oil. We also only use an additive free fine sea salt that’s been soil association certified. This means it’s completely organic which means absolutely no harmful pesticides were used in the production of it.

On top of this we’re also huge supporters of recycling, especially within the local vicinity. We fully support locals who wish to use our popcorn product waste because surprisingly enough it makes fantastic wild bird and poultry feed so why throw it away when it can be used again?

It’s for reasons such as this that we see the great reaction to our flavoursome products as the icing on the cake. Whether you’re trying one of our traditional flavours such as sweet popcorn or salted, or perhaps you’re throwing caution to wind and tantalising your taste buds with something new like our spicy Thai, we enjoy hearing all about it. It’s your fantastic reviews and continually returning custom that shows us why we provide the best popcorn supplies in the UK. If you want to hear what other people have got to say then take a look in our ‘About’ section where you’ll find fab reviews for all of our products.

Here at Empire we provide the best popcorn supplies in the UK

Friday, 19 September 2014 13:57:40 Europe/London

Here at Empire we provide the best popcorn supplies in the UK

Here at Empire we’ve made it our life long mission to dominate the market when it comes to popcorn supplies in the UK. Not only has our company been in the same hands for well over a decade but we’re also the most green friendly popcorn and confectionary company here too. Most importantly we believe our gourmet popcorn and fresh hand made fairground candyfloss is the absolute best you can get. If you’re not completely familiar with what we have on offer here at Empire then here’s a run down of the fabulous popcorn flavours and melt in your mouth candyfloss available for you to try.


Although we do enjoy making waves with new and original flavour ideas, we know it’s just as important to pay homage to the traditional things in life and keep them alive. Only here at Empire, being the way we are and enjoying the finest ingredients we’ve made even the most traditional of flavours exciting. Of course we have wonderful Toffee popcorn with a mouth watering flavour that once you try, you’ll never be able to give up.

Then there’s our delicious sweet popcorn that’s loved and adored across the UK but here at Empire we thought we’d put a little spin on the classic sweet flavourings. Offering a little something different whilst still paying homage to the “traditional” title, we give you Strawberry Pink Sweet popcorn. With its faint pink hue and delicious subtle strawberry flavour, this delicious popcorn is perfect for any girls night in or sweet princess’ party.


It’s our savoury popcorn that we’re probably best known for. Offering thebest gourmet flavours that you’ll find in any of the popcorn companies in the UK. They’re all completely original too; the Americans may have begun with the experimentation of gourmet popcorn flavours but we grabbed the bull by the horns and took it that bit further. If you love your spicy food then you’ll be our new biggest fan with our three spicy options.

Beginning with Hot Madras that offers the spice you’d usually enjoy along with a wonderful Indian aftertaste. Then there’s Spicy Thai, so hot and spicy in fact that you’ll find it hard to handle unless you’re a seasoned pro and last but not least, let’s not forget the amazing Sweet and Spicy Jamaican flavour. On top of these blow-your-mind options we’ve also got Butter Salt along with Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.


Although we might specialise in popcorn, it’s not our only love. It’s actually our Candyfloss that’s our best seller. Maybe it has something to do with its amazing fresh taste and the fact that it’s completely hand made unlike the processed stuff you get from the supermarket. It’s the best you’ll taste in the UK that’s for sure.

Popcorn and candyfloss supplies the simple way

Monday, 1 September 2014 22:02:00 Europe/London

Popcorn and candyfloss supplies the simple way

It would seem every six months there’s a new and exciting trend that people are jumping on and enjoying to their full advantage. Last year saw a number of different people hiring waiters for their party or event. The kudos that came with having your own staff was just divine and something to be admired. Quite simply if you had staff then you’d made it and could bask in the glory for weeks and weeks to follow. Not long after that however a new trend emerged, something quite different but a trend all the same. This one came in the form of a photo booth. For some this is still going strong and might possibly continue until the vast majority have enjoyed its effects.

With people enjoying trying on the different accessories of big outlandish hats and glasses and pulling funny faces for the camera, the photo booth was a clear winner making any party’s atmosphere instantly exciting. Though it would seem that photo booths are now being kicked to the curb for something completely different altogether. Offering a trip down memory lane for the adults and the fun of watching it being made for the kids, popcorn and candyfloss booths making fresh treats would appear to be the next big thing. The question we should be asking ourselves however, does it really require us hiring machines in order to get fresh popcorn and candyfloss supplies?

Great quality and fresh tasting popcorn or candyfloss

For some the cost of hiring machines as well as the staff to man them is quite simply unachievable. With costs ranging anywhere from £100 to £200 plus, it isn’t something to be taken lightly. This is without considering whether you have the room for such contraptions. Does that mean however that you can’t enjoy great quality and fresh tasting popcorn or candyfloss? Here at Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company we’d like to answer that with an unequivocal NO.

At Empire we pride ourselves on the great quality and amazingly fresh tasting popcorn and candyfloss we supply up and down the country. With our gourmet popcorn ranging from hot and spicy flavours to sweet and salty traditional kinds, we know there’s something for everyone. Our candyfloss is also highly desired, being hand made fresh with an unbeatable taste, we really believe there’s nothing else out there like it.

So the next time you’re thinking of having the party to remember, why not think of us here at Empire. You could give your guests the great tasting delights of our fresh produce and save hundreds of pounds in the process. Buy candy floss and popcorn online and you never know, you could save yourself enough money to hire a photo booth too. Then you really would be the talk of the town. 

Popcorn Supplies from Empire Popcorn

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 13:50:46 Europe/London

Popcorn Supplies from Empire Popcorn

Like all of us at Empire popcorn supplies, have you ever enjoyed sitting at the cinema watching a film while you munch away on a cone of popcorn, the traditional cinema snack? What better way is there to pass away a few hours? What exactly is this delicious snack though, and how is it made? 

The corn that the popcorn is made from looks very similar to the yellow kernels in a tin of sweetcorn that you would buy from a supermarket. Popping corn is one of 6 varieties of corn that has to be dried to a certain humidity of 14%. At this humidity it can be packaged and sent to whichever supermarkets stock and sell it. 

One recipe for making the popcorn would be to cover the bottom of a pan with about 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil. A steep sided pan would be best if possible. Add a cupful of popping corn. Shake the popping corn and oil around in the pan until all the kernels are coated with the oil. It is personal preference as to whether to add salt at this stage of the process or wait until the process is complete and then add salt.

Turn the heat on and keep shaking and distributing the heat evenly around the mixture. The pan should take about a minute to heat throughout to a medium heat. After this the kernels will start to pop. Make sure the lid is on before this happens. The popping is, in effect, each individual kernel expanding and exploding inside out. It is quite a noisy process but keep distributing the heat evenly around until all the kernels have popped. It takes a few minutes for them all to pop. After that you can decide on your favourite topping to finish off your delicious treat.

Some prefer just a sprinkling of salt to top the popcorn. Other savoury suggestions are salt with pepper, parmesan with pepper, or tabasco. If you prefer a sweet topping, options would include caramel or syrup. Or just order your popcorn supplies from Empire Popcorn and let us do what we do best... Make Popcorn!

You might have enjoyed your tasty treat so much that you find yourself hoping that the world never runs out of supplies of corn, so that you can continue to buy and make it. You probably do not need to worry. Many countries, including  China , Brazil and Argentina grow corn. The biggest grower though, is the United States, who supply over 35% of the worlds total. There are a number of varieties of corn, popping corn being just one of them.

Other varieties include the sweetcorn more familiar to the UK, also dent corn and pod corn. More corn is produced throughout the world than any other crop. It is used to make many things besides popcorn, for example cornbread, tortillas, margerines, syrups, even glue and soap. The crop does need certain growing conditions, but providing the world always provides those conditions, corn and popping corn will be around for a long time. Contact Empire Popcorn Supplies today...

Popcorn Supplies to the UK

Wednesday, 5 February 2014 11:15:35 Europe/London

Popcorn SuppliesThere is nothing better than the fresh taste of popcorn and candy floss from Manchester based Empire Popcorn. Just when you thought popcorn couldn’t get any more nature friendly, you will discover Empire popcorn supplies popcorn with Rapeseed Oil in their manufacturing process. Moreover, we have also found that nearly all popcorn and candy floss sold at most places in the UK is ruled through “Green Friendly” policies. If you are a huge fan of super crunchy popcorn, with Empire popcorn makers you can buy popcorn as we adopt such policies.

The Best Types of Popcorn Flavours

We all love enjoy eating popcorn as a light snack and with so many different kinds of popcorn flavors to choose from, what could be a quick and simple trick to select the best one? After all, there are so many flavours  such as sweet popcorn, pink popcorn, Spicy Thai popcorn and many more. The easiest way is, if you have a sweet tooth, you would love crunchy Sweet Popcorn or if you are hunting for something hot and spicy, then, scrumptious Spicy Thai would be an ideal selection. For more exclusive flavours, you can’t go wrong with Empire Popcorn, who are the premium popcorn makers in the UK.

Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn supplies come in a spectrum of new trends depending on the occasion. Some popcorn suppliers provide to Shops, Leisure Parks, Cinemas, Theatres and corporate events, so that you can sit back and relish your popcorn while enjoying the occasion. Empire Popcorn also makes crisp and crunchy popcorns and scrumptious candy floss, so you don't have to go anywhere else in Cheshire or in the UK to get a yummy treat.

If this article has increased your craving, then think about Empire Popcorn’s traditional mouth watering crunchy popcorns. They are just a phone call away, delivering to most areas of the U.K!

Popcorn Supplies at the Ready

Thursday, 16 January 2014 10:26:21 Europe/London

Well it was hard to believe that popcorn was unavailable at the local cinema when we arrived. The best thing about the movies is getting those goodies and sitting munching while watching a good movie. Why I love eating popcorn in the theatre. So I vowed this would never happen again. I went online and searched for popcorn supplies and found Empire Popcorn. Ordered a whole load of popcorn in different flavours and it arrived 2 days later.

They say seeing is believing but tasting is the real proof by far when it comes to popcorn. I have never tasted popcorn as crunchy and tasty as Empire’s and I thought I best write this little story as a testimonial to the great standards they uphold. As a gourmet popcorn supplier they offer a good choice of popcorn and I’m more than happy with the delivery service too.

I would like to thank all the team at Empire Popcorn Supplies for making my cinema experience a much better one and look forward to seeing more flavours added in the near future.

Posted in Empire Popcorn News By Craig Devine

Popping all Over the World

Wednesday, 8 January 2014 10:50:54 Europe/London

With Mike Hague, family means business and partnering with family members running Empire popcorn has been a blast. Empire popcorn supplies manufactures and distributes candy floss and of course popcorn throughout the world.

Though many people dream of striking out on their own, others envision working alongside their family launching a new concept with the help of their siblings. While doing this, Mike has been very creative with his selection of popcorn flavours.

“It takes very different skill sets to contribute to the business and Empire Popcorn has successfully grown over the years” stated Mike.

Based in Cheshire, Empire Popcorn supplies still remains a family concern today and has many a happy client enjoying the personable service provided.

“We provide the best popcorn in the world” states Mike with the confidence and reassurance of what is a great tasting product, I very much agree with him!

Empire Popcorn sell to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end consumers. As Status Quo sang the words Rocking All Over The World, Mike and all at Empire Popcorn will soon have us Popping All Over The World.

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