Tantalising new tastes of gourmet popcorn

You’ve no doubt been enjoying popcorn for years and why not? It’s been a hugely popular snack with both children and adults since the 1800’s. Popcorn’s popularity, especially at the movies, is unquestionable.It was so popular in fact that it was one of the very few products to actually have its sales increase during The Depression.

Back then flavours ranged from sweet popcorn, salted popcorn and if you were lucky toffee popcorn and up and until recently, it wasn’t much different but oh how times have changed. Here at Empire Popcorn Company we’ve elevated popcorn to give it gourmet status. If the standard offerings available to you at your local supermarket leave your taste buds feeling a little less than satisfied then Empire can help. We’re providing a rather tantalising new take on the classic white fluffy snack by shaking things up with delicious gourmet popcorn flavours.

Our flavours span the entire range of sweet and savoury so it doesn’t matter what your taste buds are crying out for because we’ll have something to suit the moment. Our gourmet popcorn even offers rather novel flavours too that are guaranteed to excite even the most jaded of popcorn lovers. Pina Coladas by the beach anyone? Purple grapes for an unexpected fruit flavoured explosion? Bacon and cheese without all the hideous calories? Who could say no to such amazing flavours?

Quality control for our gourmet popcorn flavours

At Empire Popcorn Company, our reputation doesn’t rest on gourmet popcorn flavours alone. In addition to our wide range of gourmet popcorn offerings, we’ve also managed to create popcorn that tastes better than any other popcorn out there. Whether you buy your popcorn from the supermarket shelf or order online from another popcorn manufacturer, we guarantee that once you taste Empire popcorn, you won’t turn back. First and foremost we create our popcorn with the very finest of ingredients ensuring quality control as a priority. All of our popcorn is created with only the very finest rapeseed oil and additive free fine sea salt.

This not only ensures every single one of our customers areconsuming quality foods but also helps us to stick to our green policies too. Every one of our popcorn flavours offer subtle nuances that are an utter pleasure to very slowly uncover. Bite by delicious bite, you’ll find each mouthful almost like an adventure. You’ll explore the different subtle flavours that emerge within the wide number of different popcorn varieties that guarantee to challenge all four of your basic taste sensations.

From the delightful heat of our wonderful Hot Madras to the exotic Caribbean undertones of Sweet and Spicy Jamaican, we just know you’ll be blown away. For the savoury lovers amongst us, our Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper can’t be beat and is a sure fire hit for the more sophisticated and refined palates of seasoned popcorn lovers no matter what your age.Our popcorn experimentation is mixed with the true sense of what popcorn lovers adore about their all-time favourite snack – its lightness, its airiness and the full flavour that leaves you satisfied without that hideous bloated and heavy feeling.

Here at Empire we truly believe we’re blazing a trail and leading the way when it comes to authentic and full flavoured gourmet popcorncombined with real fun and originality. A great example of this would be out butter salt popcorn that boasts a real genuine slow-churned flavour in comparison to the multitude of chemically enhanced flavours from lesser quality popcorn brands.

Our wonderful flavours truly taste like they’ve been popped by hand and sprinkled with the freshest ingredients. Our Cinnamon flavoured popcorn is reminiscent of relaxed Sundays spent chatting around the breakfast table and only with our true quality ingredients can that be achieved. Whether your popcorn preferences are more toward the simplicity of traditional popcorn flavours or you’re one of a rare breed who dares to try the new and exciting novelty varieties, Empire popcorn really is a sure fire way to impress. Our gourmet popcorn products are unsurpassed in flavour and creativity.

Give the gift of gourmet popcorn

Just thinking about our delicious gourmet popcorn is indeed enough to make your mouth water so why not give the gift of gourmet popcorn? Give you friends and loved ones real fresh tasting popcorn made with true quality ingredients and let them savour that mouth watering treat. The gift of gourmet popcorn is never an ordinary one, in fact it can be quite extraordinary especially when there are so many flavours to choose from.

It’s quite literally the perfect gift to choose that you can match to meet the desires of whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Not only will it be fun for you to put together, but a package of gourmet popcorn flavours picked for that individual is a sure fire way to make someone feel extra special. Do you have a friend that just loves the fun flavours of Bubblegum? Then why not treat them to a wonderful gift of Bubblegumgourmet popcorn?

If they love bubblegum then we think they’d also love our Pink Strawberry sweet popcorn too. Add them both together and create the perfect fun mix for your sweet-toothed friend. Maybe you have a family member that has more conservative taste buds in which case our Cheddar Cheese flavoured popcorn and Sour Crème and Chive popcorn would create the perfect tailored gift for them. Gourmet popcorn is fun, creative and will be appreciated by anyone so make that special someone’s day even more amazing than it already is with the gift of gourmet popcorn in their favourite flavour.