The most mouth-watering popcorn facts

It’s no secret that here at Empire, popcorn is indeed our favourite snack. We love its texture as well as all the amazing flavours that we’ve created over the years but that’s not all we love.

We also happen to be huge fans of the weird and wonderful facts that surround the delicious snack. For instance, did you know there’s actually an official popcorn day? Did you also know that a popping kernel could jump around three foot in to the air?

Well prepare to be amazed as we list some of the best and most mouth-watering facts about our favourite whole grain snack that is popcorn. 

  1. America it would seem is popcorn’s biggest fan with the population eating around 17 billion quarts of popcorn every single year. That’s enough to fill the whole of the Empire State Building and if that’s not enough, Nebraska alone is estimated to have produced around 250 million pounds of the white fluffy stuff every single year. No wonder America has had its very own popcorn day every year since 1958.
  2. Whether it’s type 1 or type 2 diabetes you suffer from, popcorn is considered to be one of the healthiest snacks for you to eat. It’s also been known to provide a great exchange for bread for those who have been placed on weight control diets…although we’re not sure we’d recommend making a sandwich out of it.
  3. Did you know that popcorn actually comes in two different shapes? Unless you’re paying attention it may have gone under the radar but next time you grab a handful, take a peek. Popcorn can actually be divided into snowflake popcorn and mushroom popcorn. Simply because the snowflake shaped popcorn is bigger, cinemas tend to sell it more as it fills their buckets up quicker.
  4. Sadly for the ladies, unpopped kernels are known as spinsters and old maids. It’s also considered that real good quality popcorn should produce a maximum of just 2% spinsters when it’s popped with the rest being light and fluffy snowflake or mushroom popcorn.
  5. Popcorn is so amazing for the simple fact it’s such an individual grain. There are indeed a few other grains out there that can pop such as flint and dent corns but their flakes are much smaller and the pop far less powerful. What makes popcorn so special is the fact that the kernel contains such a small amount of water, which will turn to steam when heated. It also happens to be the only grain that possesses a non-permeable shell allowing pressure to build, thus creating that all-important explosion or ‘pop’ we know.
  6. During WWII and the Great Depression, a great number of businesses failed or in the very least suffered. The same couldn’t be said for the popcorn business however, which boomed. During these two rather difficult times, popcorn thrived for two simple reasons. During the Great Depression popcorn was sold at 5 and 10 cents a bag making it one of the very few luxuries that was still affordable when times were tight which made its popularity grow an incredible amount. It also made for a more affordable and somewhat life saving food for the super poor families. During WWII, sweets weren’t exactly plentiful and this meant people eating three times as much popcorn as was considered the norm. Popcorn took the place of a number of so-called favourite snacks and it would seem it never looked back either.
  7. The only time popcorn sales ever decreased was when the television was invented and became a popular piece of furniture in the home. This meant fewer people were visiting the theatres and far less using the popcorn stands found dotted up and down the streets. This all changed however when popcorn became much more available for home use. Around 90% of the sales for home consumption were and still are made up of unpopped kernels, as it would seem people enjoy the fun and excitement of popping their own and creating their own flavours too.
  8. The original story invented by the American Indians for popcorn popping was by far the most imaginative. They believed that spirits lived within the popcorn kernels. As peaceful as these spirits were, they soon became angry when the kernels were heated. They got so angry in fact that their houses (otherwise known as the kernel) would start to shake in a temper eventually exploding when it got too hot. The spirits would then break out in an angry fit of steam.
  9. Records have been broken with popcorn on numerous occasions with the most memorable being the biggest popcorn ball in the world. With a diameter of 12 feet and a mighty weight of 5000lbs, it was most certainly a big boy. It required around 2000lbs of corn, a whopping 40,000lbs of sugar as well as 280 gallons of syrup and 400 gallons of water. We wonder how many people it took to eat it up?
  10. It’s even super healthy too. Did you know that popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain known to man and it even has more iron in it than eggs or roast beef. It’s also a great source of fibre so you never need to feel guilty whenever you indulge. It’s for the good of your own health after all. 


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