The perfect popcorn occasion for you

We all have those moments in life when a certain crisis calls for a massive bar of chocolate and bottle of wine, a particular family get together means a huge homely roast dinner and a stroll along any British sea front equals a giant helping of fish and chips. When it comes to popcorn however, there only seems to be one moment in life when it springs to mind and that’s the good old cinema. The perfect snack for sharing in the dark whilst sat engrossed in the latest blockbuster but is this the only time we can enjoy one of our favourite snacks or are we missing perfect opportunities every single week? Here at Empire we want to show you all the moments in life when only popcorn will do, so sit back, relax and imagine if you will…

One moment that some may already be accustomed to is the much-loved home movie. Nights in with that someone special or even the whole family bundled on the sofa just never fail to put a smile on your face. Cuddled up close and entertained to the max watching the latest DVD to hit the shelves and made all the more perfect with a giant bowl of popcorn that quickly has to be refilled again and again. What better way to avoid the cinema queue and noise than turning your living room into one?

Children’s parties and summer garden parties are becoming more and more popular, especially the last couple of years with the beautiful weather we’ve been having. With sunshine however, comes the heat and although we might love it, the chocolate and ice cream definitely do not which makes popcorn or even our fresh fairground Candyfloss the perfect accompaniment for any summer party. Loved by the kids (even the big ones), popcorn really is a huge hit especially with our gourmet flavours.

Afternoon Tea is the quintessential British treat. Loved and adored by the nation yet as times change so do our traditions. New and wonderful ideas are brought forward and within them are often a few amazing ideas that stick. One of those just happens to be modern spins on afternoon tea. With some places introducing petite fours and ice cream instead of finger sandwiches and pastries, we want to put forward the idea of popcorn “ice cream”. Sweet popcorn, covered in a mixture of melted chocolate and marshmallow, rolled into “ice cream” balls and placed in cones. Perfect additions to any modern twist inspired afternoon tea and even fab for family parties at home.

In spite of our awesome ideas we know there are some of you out there who simply enjoy popcorn as a healthy day to day snack and for those people we suggest a little shake up with some of our fabulous gourmet flavours, you won’t regret it. For deliveries to your door just buy popcorn online from us here at Empire, great flavour and great prices.