What is your flavour

Here at Empire Popcorn Company, we offer a wide selection of gourmet flavoured popcorns as well as some rather delicious varieties of Candyfloss.

With our popcorn flavour selection growing ever wider by the day we thought we’d do something a little different and look at what our choice of popcorn flavour says about us and our personalities, as well as our links with our better halves. If you’re heading out on a first date then we advise you forget dinner and drinks and head straight for the popcorn to see if they’re the one for you. 

A recent study led by a man named Alan Hirsch, a psychiatrist and founder of the Smell and Taste Institute located in Chicago discovered the best indicator of two peoples compatibility as partners actually lay within their favourite flavours. Although his study surrounded ice cream, we can still see rather strong links when it comes to our popcorn.

According to his research, just as people with different star signs were meant to be better suited than some, couples with different favourite flavours could make better romantic matches. His findings were very interesting indeed considering the vast majority would expect a vanilla fan to be better suited to another vanilla fan; this however couldn’t be further from the truth. 

So what does your favourite flavour say about you and your best match? 


Many people rather unfairly typecast this flavour as boring but vanilla lovers are anything but. Those who flavoured the vanilla choice were actually found to be rather colourful and dramatic risk takers. These types relied more on intuition than they did logic and were found to be emotionally expressive.

They were happy to demonstrate public displays of affection too. Lovers of vanilla were found to do best with friends that balanced them out as they were quite idealistic and often set super high goals. When they didn’t reach their goals they were crushed. Those who chose vanilla also relied on a secure and romantic relationship in order to redirect their energy toward more realistic and attainable goals. The best flavour mate for those who love their vanilla are those with a love of strawberry.

For the vanilla lovers, here at Empire we have some delicious Vanilla Pink Sweet flavoured popcorn. 


These guys are logical, thoughtful and very intuitive. The study found fans of this sweet and fruity flavour would carefully weigh all options before jumping in to make a final decision. Those who defined strawberry as their favourite flavour would also quite quiet in their strategic planning and weren’t the type to instantly shoot from the hip.

Strawberry lovers were found to quite shy and reserved, wanting to get to know a perspective partner very well indeed before making any sort of relationship commitment. Although strawberry fans didn’t fall head over heels in love at the very first sight, they did provide an extremely loyal, loving and supportive companion once they did commit. It’s easy to see from this why they would be extremely compatible with the dreamers of the flavour world, the vanilla lovers.

For strawberry lovers we have a delicious Strawberry Pink flavoured popcorn that’s hugely popular, especially with its stunning pink hue. If you like strawberry you might even like to try our Cherry Red flavoured sweet popcorn too. 

Hot and Spicy

The lovers of hot and spicy flavours were found to be the more outgoing of the group. Yes vanillas were nowhere near as ‘vanilla’ as we first thought but for the real excitement it would seem the lovers of hot and spicy flavours were the ones to turn to. The fact that they sought such sensation taste explosions and intense experiences also translated into their lives with many being typical thrill seekers.

The trait has been defined as seeking out intense stimulation and makes these guys a real ball of energy to be around. Spontaneous and erratic are possibly the best ways to describe them. Hot and Spicy lovers are thought to compliment a Strawberry fan as they balance each other’s extreme personality traits.

For the lovers of Hot and Spicy flavours we have our ever-popular Hot Madras that guarantees to leave your tongue tingling and your mouth in awe of the Indian after flavours. We also have Spicy Thai with authentic Thai flavours and Sweet and Spicy Jamaican; the choice is yours. 


a fan of chives is generally a professional. They’re usually quite confident, self assured and rather direct. These guys know exactly what they want in life and they do their utmost to go out and get it. They tend to have a no-nonsense attitude that can make them a little difficult to get along with unless you know them a little better. Socially, they’re popular and well loved once the Vanilla and Strawberry lovers have worked them out.

Paired with a Hot and Spicy fan guarantees a night of carnage. In the workplace however and a chive fan is an absolute rock star. Promotion comes easy, as does talking themselves out of situations. Again, Strawberry lovers are great for taming this go-getter but if allowed to pair with a Hot and Spicy fan, amazing things can happen.

For the fans of chives we have a delicious Sour Cream and Chives flavour popcorn that offers the perfect alternative to using crisps and dip when this headhunted individual is on the go.

This list is merely meant as a fun example of some generalised traits we see from day to day. Here at Empire, our list of gourmet flavours seems to be expanding by the minute and whilst you may find yourself leaning toward a particular one each time, we can’t stress enough the importance of trying now flavours.

You may love chives or strawberries for that matter but then again you may also love our new and seemingly popular Pina-Colada flavoured popcorn. Open your horizons and don’t let your previous choices and experiences define you. Experiment and find a new flavour to really get you excited.