Popcorn imageMaking Popcorn at home is both fun and tasty!

It can also be a great activity to do with the kids...

So why not give it a go using some of our SECRET RECIPES!


Shazza’s Toffee Popcorn

(We make this at home and it is moreish!)

Serves 2-3 People



For the Toffee 


1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan, sprinkle in the popcorn and swirl the pan to coat it evenly in oil. Cover with a tight-fitting lid; turn the heat down to low, and listen for popping noises. As soon as the popping quietens down, take it off the heat.

2. Meanwhile, melt the butter, add the brown sugar and golden syrup and stir over a high heat for 1-2 minutes.

3. Pour the toffee over the popcorn, replace the lid on the pan and shake to mix the toffee sauce. Pour out into bowls, cool a little and serve


Mike’s Easy Peanut Butter Popcorn

(Makes a generous amount for 4 people or 6 children)



1. You need to heat the oil in a large pan. I usually add a couple of kernels to this and then when they pop add the rest of the kernels.
2. You will need a tight fitting lid to keep the Kernels in.
3. Then shake the pan over the heat, until they stop popping.
4. BEWARE STRAY POPPING KERNELS when taking the lid off just in case any haven’t popped yet.
5. In a separate small pan, put the peanut butter, vanilla extract, butter and together and warm through. Stirring to make sure it doesn’t stick.
6. Add together the pop corn and sauce and mix well, also adding the mixed nuts or honey roasted.

Dads Popcorn

Serves: 4


Prep: 2 mins | Cook: 5 mins

1. Start by lining a large serving bowl with kitchen paper, which will absorb excess oil.

2. In a 2 litre saucepan, combine the oil, margarine and popcorn. Set over high heat, and constantly shake the pan back and forth. After the first kernel of corn pops, place the lid on the pot, and continue shaking. When the popcorn starts to lift the lid up off the pan, remove it from the heat, and hold it over the paper bag until it stops popping.

3. Pour into the bowl and season with half of the salt. Shake the bowl to distribute the salt. Taste before adding more so you don't make it too salty. You can always add more salt. 


Brendans Secret Stash Chocolate Popcorn




1. Place the oil in a large saucepan until very hot, then add the popcorn kernels, quickly cover with the lid and cook until all the corn has popped. Remove the saucepan from the heat.
2. Melt both the chocolates separately in bowls over pans of simmering water or use the microwave. Pour the popcorn into the dark chocolate and stir until well coated. Spread the coated popcorn on to a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper. Using a spoon or a piping bag, drizzle white chocolate all over the top. Allow to set, then indulge, or you can store the chocolate popcorn in an airtight tin for two to three days

Mums Tongue Tingling Hot Curry Popcorn

Prep: 2 mins | Cook: 5 mins



1. Place 25g of the butter into the medium size saucepan and melt. Add a single layer of the popping corn and toss it in the butter. Put on the lid and wack up the heat to high.
2. While waiting for the popcorn to pop, melt the remaining 75g of butter and mix in the curry powder, chilli and salt.
3. The popcorn should pop within a few minutes. Shake the pan around when it does.
4. When all the corn is popped / the pot is full, pour the spiced salted butter over and toss it to ensure each piece of popcorn gets a piece of the action.

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